You Must Know: 4 Big Things for JAM

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The first big thing: If you haven’t noticed, we’re on the cover of the 605 Magazine this month! Denise DePaolo came to visit a couple weeks ago and saw all of our art supplies. She wrote an article on three “grassroots” organizations in Sioux Falls: Exposure Gallery and Studios, The Retreat Center (which is outside of Sioux Falls, near Baltic), and us! We’re curious to see what this publicity will do for JAM.

Big thing number two: We have a small correction to make to the article. After we had already chatted with Denise, we got the unfortunate news that the Hatch 605 craft market will be postponed until November. We are all bummed, but I’m sure some other opportunities for us to show off the supplies will come along. 

Now, if you’re a newfound fan of ours because of the article, great! We love meeting new people. Would you like to meet us in person? I, Jess, will be giving a presentation at Pecha Kucha, which brings us to the third big thing I wanted to tell you. Pecha Kucha (pronounced Pe-Ka-Ch-Ka, I think) will be held at the Sioux Falls Design Center this coming Friday. This is a great chance for you to hear what we’re all about, and what we plan to do next. This free event is where each presenter shows a 20-slide slideshow, with 20 seconds to talk per slide. I am nervous, but have practicing every day. I was extremely nervous for the 605 Magazine interview with Denise, and it turned out great, so I think that this will go great too.

You’re probably wondering how we could possibly have another big thing to tell you. We’re on a roll–we’re collecting toilet paper rolls and I know that you’re not using yours. The Washington Pavilion mentioned in an email that they’re in need of toilet paper rolls, yarn, CDs and DVDs (for crafts, not entertainment). Fortuitously, the Design Center asked if we could do a supply drive for the First Friday event when I’m presenting, so I thought it would be a mistake if I didn’t at least ask you to save all your toilet paper rolls for the week. Then you can come to the Design Center, check out my speech, and drop off those rolls! I’ll be dropping off the donation of toilet paper rolls, yarn, CDs and DVDs to the Pavilion on September 18, so if you’d like to collect the rolls for a couple weeks, the Pavilion would be sitting pretty.


If you can’t bring your donation to Pecha Kucha at the Sioux Falls Design Center next Friday, the 6th, please feel free to drop off your donation at our donation station at Elofson clothing store downtown. Here is a link to guide you. Thank you for your support, and I will see you out on First Friday. []

Jess Miller-Johnson is a weekly blogging contributor and co-founder of JAM. She lives in Sioux Falls with her daughter, husband, and black-lab. She makes art when her daughter is napping.

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