VAC Artist Advisory Council Call for Applicants

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The Visual Arts Center is currently seeking individuals to serve on the VAC Artist Advisory Council.


  •  Provide a consistent opportunity for artists and individuals affiliated with the Visual Arts Center to discuss the needs and interests of the regional visual arts community in relation to the activities of the Washington Pavilion.
  •  Strengthen the relationship between the VAC and the regional art community.
  •  Artists voice assessments, advice, ideas, and interests as they relate to the VAC and thevisual arts community in our region.


  •  The Artist Advisory Council is limited to 12 seats. Artists who participate on the Artist Advisory Council hold a one-year term, with the option to remain on the Council or not.
  •  To apply for a seat on the Artist Advisory Council, the application and a cover letter must be completed and returned to the VAC’s Lead Curator. The Artist Advisory Council will evaluate applications at least once a year, or on an as needed basis. Artists consist of, but are not limited to: faculty or students from local universities, professionals, and emerging to mid-career artists. A diversity of voices from the artistic community of Sioux Falls is desirable.
  •  Council members must commit to attending at least four out of six meetings each year.
  •  The Council selects one to two artists as the Chair(s), who will hold a two year term. The Chair(s) help facilitate the Council meetings and communications. The meeting agendas are created by VAC staff, and include topics relating to the VAC and community artists.
  •  A VAC Board member attends the Artist Advisory Council meetings and an available Council member attends the VAC Board meetings as Liaison.
  •  At the Council’s request, additional invitations can be granted by the VAC Board for the purpose of presenting a concept or suggestion. It is encouraged for the Board Liaison to share the VAC Board’s agendas and minutes.
  •  Council members are eligible to participate in group shows, specifically: The VAC Juried Exhibition, Governor’s Biennial, Arts Night, The University Invitational and other group opportunities. The artists are eligible to submit exhibition proposals to the Visual Arts Center during participation with the Artist Advisory Council. However, solo exhibitions cannot coincide with the member’s active term.

Click here to apply.

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