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Exposure Gallery and Studios

As an artist, relationships with galleries, patrons, collectors, and the many other varieties of art enthusiasts become just as important, if not more so, than the created work itself. Creating art and showing it in a gallery space is not, in the least, simply about making money. Exhibiting works of art creates communication with the world outside of the studio. The artist and the gallerist share a certain level of involvement and appreciation with the art. -JAM blogger Jordan Thornton
Last week, I found myself once again wandering through and autumn colored downtown Sioux Falls on my way to our most recent gallery interview: Exposure Gallery & Studios. Newly relocated at 401 N Phillips Ave in Sioux Falls, which, as my overly smartphone dependent self came to find, is a few blocks closer to The Falls than Google will lead you to believe. Zach DeBoer took time out of a Thursday afternoon to patiently wait on my very lost self, open the doors of his gallery, and to share the thought and ambition behind Exposure.
Zach: “The point of Exposure was to give exposure to artists and to people who wanted to make art and show art and be a part of a community… The main goal of the gallery, as opposed to other galleries, is to be a professional, contemporary gallery that focuses on giving a spotlight to those who maybe aren’t getting it.”

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Anna Youngers: An Inspiring Interview


Age is nothing but an infinitesimal measure when attempting to qualify one’s achievements. For some, it takes years, even decades, to appropriately articulate the internal, and the dreams and thoughts that one holds inside. Others are gifted with that special intuition much earlier in life—regardless of when, this desire may someday take the form of a career. Although not many people know what their profession may be when they are still in the formative stage of their teenage years, let alone harbor the diligence required to steer that desire towards a tangible thing, there are always exceptions to the norm… And Anna Youngers is just that.
Youngers is a thoughtful, articulate woman who is well-studied in her medium and purposeful in her process. Her work is timeless, and holds a captivating quality in its representation. When she was 16 years old she began a Continue reading Anna Youngers: An Inspiring Interview