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Celebrate Halloween: Francisco Goya and Cindy Sherman Style

Halloween is once again upon us, and, while art is not usually thought of as a great source thrills and chills, there have been plenty artists whose work channels the spirit of the holiday.


One is the Spanish painter and print-maker Francisco Goya, who emerged as part of the early 19th century Romantic movement. Like his contemporary Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein) Goya proved Continue reading Celebrate Halloween: Francisco Goya and Cindy Sherman Style

Anna Youngers: An Inspiring Interview


Age is nothing but an infinitesimal measure when attempting to qualify one’s achievements. For some, it takes years, even decades, to appropriately articulate the internal, and the dreams and thoughts that one holds inside. Others are gifted with that special intuition much earlier in life—regardless of when, this desire may someday take the form of a career. Although not many people know what their profession may be when they are still in the formative stage of their teenage years, let alone harbor the diligence required to steer that desire towards a tangible thing, there are always exceptions to the norm… And Anna Youngers is just that.
Youngers is a thoughtful, articulate woman who is well-studied in her medium and purposeful in her process. Her work is timeless, and holds a captivating quality in its representation. When she was 16 years old she began a Continue reading Anna Youngers: An Inspiring Interview