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An Ear to the Ground #12

The Nature of Non Nature: Loopism

Drowning simulator

Gif loops by Ori Toor are mesmerizing. I’m obsessed with his new works from the color to the shapes.

An Amazing Contextualizer of Culture: Idea Channel Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #12

An Ear to the Ground

This week is gonna be strange. Granted, I really enjoy strange and weird works that are normally pejorative in nature. I love when things take you off your current path or beat, hiccups in time, that echo deep down into your core. Here is my dedication to strange:

sam lyon makes mushy motion graphics for jelly gummies gifs

[Sam Lyon]

It’s All In the Accent: Interview with Werner Herzog

A great interview by Steve Marsh at Slate talking to Werner Herzog about his recent release from the Criterion Collection. Werner dishes out some Continue reading An Ear to the Ground