Sketching Around and About Sioux Falls

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“Meet. Create. Repeat.”  This is the motto for the Sioux Falls Sketch Squad founded by Solomon Carlson.

sketch_squad_sioux_falls_artistsThe Sioux Falls Sketch Squad was an idea that he had been toying with for years, but decided now was the time to launch it. Like many ideas, the idea came from a need. While putting time into the local scene and networking, Solomon gauged interest in the idea, “as artists we need a consistent group of artists to hang out with to help push us to keep creating.”

Sketch groups are simple, but the reasons and rewards are numerous. There are so few items that are needed including time, artists, and paper but, meeting other artists allows for networking, which is essential in any creative field. Artists can also run ideas by other like minded individuals. Getting into a creative funk can be very frustrating and sketch groups typically keep you motivated, inspired, and even accountable for producing art. A lot of ideas that get put into sketchbooks turn into concepts for more complete pieces, series, or even collaborations; you never know what can come from sketching.

The sketch group is planning fun events and challenges in the future, such as a timed “Sketch-and-Pass,” related content art shows, and the newest implementation called “Weekly Sketch Challenge.” The Weekly Sketch Challenge encourages artists to work with a specific subject matter for a week.

The group currently meets every Friday (except First Fridays) at 5:15 PM at the downtown Coffea and typically go until they close. Ultimately, Solomon would like to have at least 2 days a week to meet regularly, that way people can make it work with their schedules.

This is a relaxed group that welcomes any skill level. The only thing asked is that the time is used for creating art, ideas, and generally being proactive. Everyone is warmly welcomed. The focus is to help each other out, so there is no reason to be intimidated. The group has a great time! For more information there is a Facebook group which allows people to get the latest news on meetings, share sketches they create, and talk about art related topics. []


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