Should I Hire a Mover for My Artwork?

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Once you have made the decision to move, you must then decide whether you will recruit professional help or tackle the task solo. It is a decision that requires much thought, especially since it involves your priceless artwork, and there are certain things you must take into consideration such as experience, cost, and level of trust.

Consider Experience

If you have never transported your artwork farther than the studio or the kiln, it may be beneficial to hire a mover who is experienced at the task you are trying to do – moving. A professional mover knows and understands the best ways to load and unload a moving truck, maximize space to avoid additional trip costs, and pack a truck so that time is saved during the process of unloading. Movers are also experienced in handling fragile items, such as paintings, sculptures, or art supplies, and can help to ensure that they aren’t damaged during transit. Should you decide to hire a moving company, consider asking about their experience moving fragile items and what safeguards they have in place to protect your items, such as insurance. Ask about what packing materials they use, and discuss any concerns you may have. For example, will they wear gloves when handling your artwork to prevent smudges and stains? As the artist, discuss the best plan for moving that has your artwork’s best interest in mind. A good mover will work with you, and make sure you feel comfortable.

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Compare Cost

A big deciding factor in regards to whether or not you will hire a mover or DIY is cost. Moving your artwork requires several steps such as purchasing and preparing packing supplies, loading and unloading, and driving the moving vehicle, all while making sure your precious cargo doesn’t get damaged or broken. If you are unsure which moving route to take, start by calculating the cost of doing it yourself in terms of both money and time, and include expenses such as truck rental fees, gas, packing material, insurance, and lodging should the move require an overnight stay. Compare the cost you calculate to estimates you receive from two or three moving companies. Keep in mind that the cost you calculate may not be accurate, as you man run into unforeseen obstacles such as renting the wrong size truck. If the truck is too small, the move will require more time and mileage. On the other hand, if the truck is too large and you fail to load your artwork properly, it could result in an unbalanced load and subsequent damage to your items. In addition, for large or heavy items such as sculptures, large paintings, and kilns, inaccurate packing could result in costly repairs or irreparable damage.

What is the Level of Trust?

Movers are supposed to be professional and take care of your items, but sometimes hiring a moving company could result in damaged items. Sometimes, movers may be inclined to rush through the job or ignore special instructions in order to get the job done and move on to the next. You may find that by moving yourself, you can offer your own personal touch and attentiveness to make sure all of your pieces are treated with the care and expertise they require. If you are concerned about trusting someone else, ask the mover if you can be involved in or oversee each step of the moving process, from packing, loading, to unloading. Explain that you understand that the movers are experienced, but art is your expertise, and combining the two will make for a happy mover and a happy customer.

Take your time as you decide whether you should hire a mover or make the move yourself. Factor in important pieces of the puzzle, such as experience level, financials, and the degree of trust you have in the movers and yourself. Your artwork is priceless, so make the decision that feels most comfortable to you.

Aimee Lyons
Ms. Lyons created DIYDarlin to share her DIY knowledge and serve as a forum to learn from other DIYers.

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  1. Be careful when hiring movers. Do your homework. Ask friends, neighbors, family, co-workers who they’ve used. Also, call up 3-4 movers and get quotes from all, and chat with them a bit to make sure they’re not scammers.

  2. Moving doesn’t need to be stressful! All it takes to have a successful move is to stay organized. When planned well, all you’ll need to do during moving day is load the truck so that you can take your

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