Retail/Marketing Internship

Job Title: Retail/Marketing Intern (Unpaid)

Objective: Merchandize the ever-changing inventory of the store within the theme for that quarter. Work to produce signage and maintain up-to-date inventory of donations. Work with Website & Marketing Intern and Executive Director to host sales within the theme for the quarter.


  • Organize, merchandize, and Snap the ever-changing inventory of the store.
  • Work with store manager to design signs and installations for the store’s front windows and ceilings.
  • Use Excel or Google Sheets to record monthly donations.
  • Send out thank you notes to supply donors.
Qualifications:High school diploma

Working toward undergraduate degree or equivalent experience

Background or interest in the arts

Writing proficiency

Desire to learn and grow

Ability to meet deadlines

Commitment:25 hours/month

June 2018-August 2018 (Summer)

To Apply:

  1. Send resume and cover letter to Jess Johnson (
  2. Select a brick and mortar shop that uses Instagram and explain why their images are effective for their brand, what you like about it, and what you would do differently. (one page)

Applications due May 15, 2018 for Summer Internships


Supportive Environment

Creative Space

Community Interaction

JAM Membership

Grow network in Sioux Falls art community

Platform to showcase personal work

Learn to transcribe interviews

Potentially earn internship credits

Gain competencies in:


Google Drive


Mentorship program

Improve writing skills and blogging capabilities

Learn about retail in a real-world, organic way

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