Progress at The Retreat at Pointer’s Ridge

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We are beginning a new series on our website, which will be referred to as Their Voice. We will use this section to feature blog posts written by guest writers that are interested in, or a part of, the arts community. We think it is important to engage a wide audience, and want to welcome voices that may otherwise not have a platform. If you have any ideas or topics you think the community should know more about, we would love to help you share! Please contact us at for more information. We look forward to connecting with different people and creating more exposure for the arts community of Sioux Falls. Here is the first Their Voice post by Deb Klebanoff of The Retreat at Pointer’s Ridge.

RetreatAs I look back at 2014, I see little more this … PLEX PIPING!! There were grand hopes for The Retreat this year; but clogged water lines and massive water leaks did us in. Plumbing that works is the kind of thing you don’t give much value to … until it doesn’t. It’s just not right to invite people out and then inform them there’s no place to pee. But with the amazing help of Dave Hansel of Hansel Plumbing & Heating, his hours and hours of volunteer help working with the ever ready battery Peter K., plumbing within the main hall is fixed, improved, lines marked, red and blue pex tubes neatly attached to the walls of the utility room before snaking over the ceiling tiles to their respective faucets. We have HOT water! (If you had to boil huge pots last year to warm up water for cleaning, you’ll know how great this news is.) With the help of a grant from Alliance Communications in Baltic, there are ADA compliant sinks and faucets in both men’s and women’s bathrooms and the kitchen. The kitchen faucet even reaches all 3 sinks!! (Again, you had to be here.)

If you ever thought arts administration was all about cool ideas in art, well, think again. In 2013-2014, my head’s been down inspecting the septic tank; I can mop a floor like nobody; painting walls is second nature to me now; I own a Stihl chainsaw and know how to use it; buying needed items at dirt cheap prices is a game played daily; asking for donations is old hat; studying heating and cooling systems to figure out if we can afford them is routine; caulking, scrubbing, tiling, digging, mowing … all in a day’s work.

But no worries all creatives!! We haven’t forgotten the mission of designing a space in nature for imagination to soar and creative genius to be forged! It just took an extra year to get there.

However, in 2015 we are already in high gear for progress. The Retreat is still basically a place for daytime and seasonal events, but the facilities are much improved. In this blog space, I want to keep you updated about changes that are made to the facility this year; changes that may benefit the work you do. I’d also like to steer your reading to other retreat and arts community sites; you may find ideas to share with us as we grow. And we’ll be looking for regional input as we work to develop a rural arts corridor in this area of South Dakota.

So Happy New Year!! I’ll be in my library office while the weather is brutally cold, but coming up with ideas and plans for April 1 (sooner, if possible!) Stay in touch … let’s build South Dakota’s first retreat space with all arts in mind into a space of which we are all proud!

Deb Klebanoff

The Retreat at Pointer’s Ridge

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