November 7-First Friday Review

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Seven o’clock on Friday night rolled around, the winds picked up, preparing us for First Fridays to come. Here are the places I got to enjoy art and artists on the first wintery First Friday of the season.

Coffea Espresso Bar and Roasterie

FFNov7_JessJohnson1The first stop this fabulous First Friday in downtown Sioux Falls was at Coffea Roasterie to see our very own Jess Miller-Johnson’s art reception. Her show, FRESH HOLDS, included a series of large, abstract pieces colorfully lining the walls of Coffea.

FFNov7_JessJohnson2The warm atmosphere of the coffee shop mixed with low-lighting and live music and art-making, was an inviting place to be on such a cold, windy November night.



My next stop on my First Friday tour de art was Rehfeld’s on Phillips. Jess insisted we stop by and see the one and only, Jon Crane. My mom has tons of Jon Crane paintings in our house so for me, it was personally a fun little treat to get to see the man himself. He was signing his book at the back table, a line of people eagerly waiting to meet him. His pieces were the main attraction in the gallery that night – some familiar from my own experiences and some new with a different stylistic approach. A piece by Chad Nelson and a piece of pottery by Travis Hinton also caught my eye. Other artists were featured in the gallery as well, sprinkled among the Jon Crane prints and a few original paintings.

Ipso Gallery

FFNov7_IpsoGalleryThe third stop of the night was at Fresh Produce’s Ipso Gallery – a gallery I had never been to before. The event that night intrigued me – This Exit, Last Chance – a collection of South Dakota inspired pieces from jack-a-lopes to hand-painted signs to Wall Drug memoriabilia. The show as a collaboartion with South Dakota Magazine and gues curator, Altman Studeny in celebration of South Dakota’s 125th anniversary. The show was fantastic with a fantastic atmosphere, buzzing with activity, food and drinks for everyone, and a awesome downtown loft-like space for mingling.

Exposure Gallery


Two reasons I absolutely had to go to Exposure last Friday night:

1. Jana Anderson was apart of a show there called Women by Women. Any time that girl has pieces up, it’s worth your while to stop and take a look. The theme of the show was pretty awesome too – girl power! Am I right? The other two women featured in the show included Darcy Millette and Mercedes Nelson, both with fabulous pieces as well. All the pieces were very different, from paintings to photographs. The show was well complied and the place was busy as usual with free drinks and good conversation. Props to those that come out and support the art community!


2. The second reason I had to stop by Exposure was to see JAM’s NEW space! That’s right my friends, if you haven’t heard yet, JAM (the creative re-use center) will have a physical location at Exposure Gallery. We will be selling the art supplies we have collected, among other things. The creative reuse store will be great for those needing just a few specific supplies, those that do not want to pay full price at a store, and for those looking for some odds and ends inspiration to make something creative. Spread the word. We need you to share this great news and HUGE step for JAM!

And those are the only places I was able to cover that night. Again – so many places downtown that host really cool events, and lots of them with art, that there is always something or someone to go and see on First Fridays.[]


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