Five Sioux Falls Instagrammers You Should Follow

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I don’t follow everyone in Sioux Falls on Instagram, so I can’t say this list is the end all-be all but, according to my eyes scrolling through my feed: here are my favorite Sioux Falls Instagrammers.

AMY JARDING aka @barrrrrry


Amy, by far, out shines any Instagrammer in my feed–from Sioux Falls or otherwise. Her pictures are consistently top-notch. She has created a hashtag for an ongoing series, #putatoyonit, where she takes pictures of her breakfast with toy on top. The creativity that has blossomed out of @barrrrrry on Instagram is impressive.



WES EISENHAUER aka @soulcrate

wes eisenhower

Firstly known as one of three in Sioux Falls hip-hop expedition Soulcrate Music, now Wes Eisenhower has taken to life behind the lens. He shoots weddings for Studio Blu, blows everyone away with shots of his wife and daughter, plus throws in idealic landscapes featuring mostly South Dakota.


CASSIDY CLELAND aka @ccleland7


I don’t know Cassidy very well, but if you’d like to add some solid, local art to your feed, add @ccleland7. These pictures are mostly of her paintings and sketchbooks, with a couple cat and dog shots, plus an adored nephew.


ANN DYCE aka @raggedyann_

Ann Paulina Dyce

Ann takes pictures of normal everyday scenes, but they’re better than yours. She also throws in some tasteful yoga poses without stuffing them down your throat.


RENAE VAN HOFWEGEN aka @mani_apparel

renae van hofwegen

Okay, so, Renae is a freebee for you because she doesn’t live in Sioux Falls; she lives in Minneapolis MN, but she’s from Flandreau, SD. Consider her an honorary Sioux Fallsian. Renae is equal parts mother and artist. I don’t think she could take a bad picture if she tried.


Zing (the decor store on Minnesota Ave) aka @zingideafactory

zing instagram jam art and supplies

I felt obligated to throw in another photographer because Renae isn’t from Sioux Falls, so I threw in a business. I actually just started following @Zingideafactory today, but they have some rad pictures taken in their store. Get a feel for what they sell, who they are, and how you wish you could decorate.


Tell me, which Sioux Falls Instagrammers am I missing?


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