Five Reasons You Should Buy Local Art

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If you are not buying art, you should be. Art can be exciting, inciting, and stimulating, plain and simple. But, if you are looking for more specific reasons, here are 5 great ones, starting off with a perfect one for this time of year.

1. Art can be a meaningful gift
The gift of art can be very meaningful and timeless. You’ll be giving the recipient something they can appreciate for years instead of something that they might throw in a drawer or on a closet shelf. Art is the gift that keeps on giving. A piece of art is something that they can look at, interpret, re-interpret, and enjoy for a lifetime. Plus, it makes you look good. Taking the time to pick a piece unique to the person on your list shows thoughtfulness. Never be accused of having alack of creative gifts again!
Seriously, put down the gift card. Socks, too.

2. Purchasing art supports artist directly
Artists are not artists for the sole purpose of chasin’ paper. They are truly and passionately devoted to their craft. However, they do need a means to support that craft. Buying original art supports the artist directly, and allows him or her to continue creating. If they continue creating, we can continue enjoying. Keep your money local by supporting our local artists. Need a tip on where to start? Check out the first annual ARTmart this weekend, Saturday, November 28 at Shriver Square in Sioux Falls! You’ll find 50 of the most fantastic, local artists around!

3. Art allows you to be unique
Buying art allows you to own something that is, often, uniquely yours. Making a piece of art is rigorous and incredibly personal to the creator. An original piece of art has a soul all its own. Ever wonder why that mass-produced canvas print you bought at Hobby Lobby doesn’t really speak to you? How could it speak? Its soul was stolen by a machine.

4. Art will enrich your environment
Art is so much more than just a decoration. Art is rich with benefits. It has an extremely positive effect on our environment, makes us look at life in a different way, stimulates our brain and promotes good mental health. It can be a perfect contrast to the dull, gray months ahead. Whether you are creative or not, filling your personal space with an arsenal of great art can be amazing inspiration alone.

5. Purchasing art will give you a story
Not only does owning art give your space character, it serves as a conversation piece, a catalyst for inquiries, thoughtful analysis and enlightening dialogue. Not only does the piece itself tell a story, the more you collect, your collection will tell a story about you. What you hang on your walls is an expression of who you are as a person. Do not worry about whether it matches, only if it makes you happy, even if your happy is a little dark and twisty.

There is functional blank space, then there is that behemoth of an empty wall in your house. What a shame. Start filling it! Buy art, give art.


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