Five (More) Sioux Falls Instagrammers You Should Follow

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Ever since I wrote the blog post “Five Sioux Falls Instagrammers You Should Follow,” I have this horrible feeling that there are five more we should keep our eyes on. Of course, there are more. I just can’t discover them all by myself, so please keep me informed on who’s who in the Sioux Falls Instagramming world.

Without further ado, here are 5 Sioux Falls Instagrammers you need to start following:

jay kirsch, photographer and musician, you know him from the Argus Leader. He’s ALWAYS where it’s at in Sioux Falls, and if you’re not there, he’ll photograph it for you. Sometimes his shots are Sioux Falls news worthy, and sometimes they’re artsy. Not to mention: KITTY SHOTS!


_motherofthemystic_, aka Lisa Candela, is a California native who has a studio at the 8th and Railroad Center downtown Sioux Falls. You know, I think Sioux Falls is cool, but why Lisa resides here is a mystery to me. What I know about her (I only know from her website) is that she’s successful and brilliant. She is my favorite Instagrammer of all time. It’s a shame I can only show you one picture here. GO. CHECK HER OUT.


kristielou1515 I found while pursuing the hashtag #fallsinlove. If you don’t know, #fallsinlove is a hashtag that visitsiouxfalls asks you to attach to your pictures of Sioux Falls. If you want to get noticed (at least by me) that’s where I look for up-and-coming Sioux Falls Instagrammers. Kristie Lou is a graphic designer, and I love that every picture she posts is consistently high quality. Plus, it’s fun to see her perspective of Sioux Falls.


connorburtis is also a local graphic designer. His signature filter makes all of his pictures have a grey tone to them, which I  enjoy. Following Connor will give you insight into some furniture he builds, plus beautiful images of his little gem of a daughter.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Now I imagine, if you’re a local artist or if you love local artists, you’re already following marcmakesthings. Designer of the Later Babes logo, and many posters, Marc has a way with the pen, and Instagram. He’s been killing it lately. In a couple weeks our team gets the pleasure of sitting down with him for an interview.



Who am I missing? Comment below, introducing me to more Sioux Falls Instagrammers! []

Jess Miller-Johnson is a weekly blogging contributor and co-founder of JAM. She lives in Sioux Falls with her daughter, husband, and black-lab. She makes art when her daughter is napping.


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