First Friday Review: February 5th, 2016

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A rare moment of warmth in the South Dakota winter meant I really didn’t mind wandering around on this First Friday. And mild weather came with a mild schedule. I had plenty of time to linger at each place because I got an early start and only had a handful of haunts to hit up. So let me share what I found with you.

Design Center

Design Center: “We are Design” by Canfield Business Interiors

This is a cool take on showing off a place’s design capabilities: Canfield introduced their designs to us by pairing it with images of the designers themselves. It puts a human touch on the designs that Canfield has created over time.

And to make things even better, if you missed the reception you can swing by the Design Center anytime between 9 and 1 on weekdays.


Zandbroz: Oddfellow Banners

Fun fact-Oddfellows are everywhere. They’re kind of like a Mason Society for small towns. And Zandbroz just got a ton of the banners from the society. Although the weren’t in explicitly for First Friday, they make a pretty picture and they’re worth seeing. And if you’re especially curious you might get a mini history lesson (like I did) just by asking about the banners.


MoVM: Michael Daniels

The Museum is perfect for this collection of Michael’s photography. The room’s wood tones paired with Michael’s stunning capture of South Dakota’s landscapes made me wish I had been able to adventure along with him on some of his shoots. His aesthetic is almost hyper-realistic, but at the same time every once in a while I caught a whiff of fish eye in his work. Interesting combination, that. But an effective one.


Exposure: Politics Schmolitics (Hector Curriel, Adam Goodge, Bria)

The short explanation of the show is political cartoons paired with clever illustrations. But these guys are local, clever, and more than that, pretty darn good. It was nice to have space to see the work fully, because once I ventured in the back space was tight.


They were crowded in to see Bria’s work. She paints animals, sells the work and then donates the proceeds to help out the animals in her pictures.


Coffea Roasterie: Dylan Jacobson

Dylan’s putting out a comic book in about two months and right now, you can see the pages of that comic up at Coffea, inked but uncolored. Some of the pages even have spelling mistakes on them, which I personally don’t think about in terms of a comic book artists concerns, but there they are. He had a great turnout and it was a good time seeing everyone getting excited about Dylan’s comic. He’s launching the Kickstarter to pay for printing the book soon, so check out his website to stay up-to-date with the project!


Vishnu: Mitch Torbert, Travis Bentley, Melissa Pickerign, and Dylan Jacobson

Seeing such a variety of skilled artists side-by-side was fun in such a small space. It was like action-packed gallery time. Travis’ characters are always so charming and tough at the same time. Mitch’s work was so incredibly intricate (lots of pattern repetition) that I just couldn’t get over it. Dylan was showing some new stuff, a little more figure-based, which is unusual for him and I loved it. And finally Melissa’s work brought a colorful and lively touch to the entire ensemble. I loved this show.

Washington Pavilion: Bruce Preheim Gallery Talk

Unfortunately I missed the talk, but the gallery was packed afterward. I literally couldn’t get through, and there was a big ol’ sign saying no photos, please.

Don’t worry though, my friends. I’ll give you the full walk-through of the Pavilion near the end of the month.

So until then, stay warm and safe.


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