Exposure Gallery and Studios

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As an artist, relationships with galleries, patrons, collectors, and the many other varieties of art enthusiasts become just as important, if not more so, than the created work itself. Creating art and showing it in a gallery space is not, in the least, simply about making money. Exhibiting works of art creates communication with the world outside of the studio. The artist and the gallerist share a certain level of involvement and appreciation with the art. -JAM blogger Jordan Thornton
Last week, I found myself once again wandering through and autumn colored downtown Sioux Falls on my way to our most recent gallery interview: Exposure Gallery & Studios. Newly relocated at 401 N Phillips Ave in Sioux Falls, which, as my overly smartphone dependent self came to find, is a few blocks closer to The Falls than Google will lead you to believe. Zach DeBoer took time out of a Thursday afternoon to patiently wait on my very lost self, open the doors of his gallery, and to share the thought and ambition behind Exposure.
Zach: “The point of Exposure was to give exposure to artists and to people who wanted to make art and show art and be a part of a community… The main goal of the gallery, as opposed to other galleries, is to be a professional, contemporary gallery that focuses on giving a spotlight to those who maybe aren’t getting it.”

Hanging right now is an exhibit called “Women by Women,” which is being sponsored by the Sioux Empire Rock-a-Bettys and has work by Jana Anderson, Darcy Millette, and Mercedes Nelson.
“Its amazing how many galleries and places that we have downtown and in Sioux Falls, but a lot of them are ‘And Galleries.’ That’s what I call them, it’s a coffee shop ‘and gallery,’ it’s a frame shop ‘and gallery.’ its not a gallery where the point of it is to show artwork and that’s it. It’s something we need. There are a lot of artists in Sioux Falls that are sticking around and wanting to stay here to make art, but struggling.”
In addition to the gallery spaces at both the front and back of the space, Exposure stays true to its full name and is home to a several studio spaces that are filled with a variety of artists, painters, photographers, and others, including JAM. Soon after, my interview with Zach, the news of all news for JAM occurred. JAM Art & Supplies will be moving into the overwhelmingly creative doors of Exposure Gallery & Studios. So, get excited, and please come visit us and the rest of the artistic family at 6th and Phillips.
Zach: “Having the studio spaces is great, it creates a community and everyone who has a studio space is someone I didn’t really know until they approached me and almost all of them were like ‘I stopped making art for a while and I really want to go for it and be in here.’ So, that’s been really inspiring.
“We want to be a nice hub for artists who didn’t really have a community or a place to go. We’re trying to get as many people in as we can.”
Currently, there is one gallery space still available for rent at Exposure. He wants to remind people that you can share the studio space with other artists.
All exhibitions are curated by Zach himself. If you’re interested in renting or getting involved with exhibitions at Exposure, please contact Zach at ZacharyMDeBoer@gmail.com. There are many calls for artists so it would be fortuitous of you to get on his email list.
Zach: “It doesn’t matter if you go out to my gallery. You should go out to any gallery. We need more support. People always say… art makes downtown what it is, art makes everything happen, but we don’t necessarily have the bodies to prove that. So its not just about going to my gallery, although that would be great, if you go to any, if you just go to one- if you go to one opening and bring a friend, it would just exponentially grow.” []
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