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At JAM we are always looking for volunteers. Donating your time is an amazing way to help us with our mission. Your time commitment can be as big or little as you would like.

The perks of volunteering with JAM:

– Networking with the art community, galleries and creatives (!!!)
– Behind-the-scenes perspective on running a nonprofit
– Experience in event planning, store management and/or blogging


Volunteer opportunities include:

Fundraising & Event Planning Volunteer
Volunteers are needed to help bring in funds and materials for JAM events, such as the annual Sweet Art Show and supply drives.
4-8 hours/month

Blogging & Photographing Volunteer
Artists, writers, and photographers are needed for JAM’s blog! Interview local artists, educators, and galleries; review arts events and trends around Sioux Falls; and write about your own projects, experiences and skills.
4-7 hours/month, plus a monthly planning meeting

Retail Volunteer
As a retail volunteer at JAM, you’ll greet customers, sort and organize merchandise, set up store displays, work the cash register, and keep the store clean. Volunteers who work at least 8 hours a month will receive JAM membership benefits.

Arts & Crafts Class Volunteer
Do you love coming up with art project ideas and teaching crafts to other people? Join JAM and help lead our Weird Art Wednesday classes. Volunteers will teach classes on Wednesdays from 4 to 6 p.m. in addition to planning, setting up and cleaning up.

Back Room Organizing & Sorting Volunteer
Love organizing? JAM needs volunteers to help process donations and organize materials for the store. Individuals and groups are welcome. Bring a friend or a date! Volunteers who work at least 8 hours a month will receive JAM membership benefits.

Office Administration Volunteer
Are spreadsheets and file folders your best friends? Volunteers are needed to help organize JAM’s office, input donation receipts and data, and do other routine administrative work.
4 hours/month

Event & Gallery Assistant
Volunteers are needed to set up and maintain JAM’s gallery space, update our event calendar, and help out with events.
5-10 hours/month

Birthday Party Host
Volunteers are needed to host 2-hour crafty birthday parties; including setting up, leading groups in crafting, and cleanup. Time commitment varies.

Sign Making Volunteer
Use your creativity to advertise products at JAM! Volunteers are needed to make merchandise signs in the store.
4 hours/month

Product Buying Volunteer
Want to help stock our store with amazing art supplies? JAM needs a product buyer to pick out and order merchandise.
4 hours/month

Volunteer Coordinator
Love working with a team? Join JAM and lead our team of volunteers. The coordinator will help schedule shifts and help run orientation meetings three times per month.

Cleaning Volunteer
Volunteers are needed at JAM for general cleaning during store hours: sweeping, dusting, and cleaning the bathroom.
4-8 hours/per month

Camp Coordinator
Help run our craft camp at JAM. Schedule events, set up, and clean up.

Camp Teacher Assistant
Assist art teachers during our craft camp at JAM. Set up, clean up, and help lead crafting activities.

If these are too big of a time commitment, we always love the likes, shares, retweets, and comments we receive on social media. Spreading the word about our mission is important to us, so we can serve as many people as possible in our community.

Fill out our application form if you would like to volunteer for us, and we’ll contact you!

Check out SignUp to get an idea of volunteer times available!

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7 thoughts on “Donate Time”

  1. Hello! I’m interested in volunteering for a few hours a week. I’d love some more information on how to go about doing so. Thank you!!

    1. Hi, Glory! We’d love to have you volunteer for us! We ask that our volunteers be able to commit to two 4-hour shifts a month. Our next volunteer training hour is January 25 at 5 o’clock if you would like to come and learn more details. We have fun perks!

  2. I am interested in volunteering in your retail store very much. I used to volunteer for Jazzfest and Sidewalk Arts Festival but havent in the last 5 years. I think this would be a good place to get my feet wet again in the volunteering for a great non-profit.

    I would need something that I could stand and sit for short periods. I work part time in evenings currently 3-8 at a call center.

    Let me know if I can be a help at the store. Also, I see that someone in your company looked at my resume through CareerBuilders for a part time receptionist position. Is that position still opened?

    Thank for your time
    Barb Boomgarden

    1. Hey Barbara!
      Sorry for the delayed reply. We are not currently hiring, but are always looking for reliable volunteer help! Take a look through our available positions, and email us at with which areas you’re interested in. We will get the ball rolling from there!

    1. Absolutely, Aubrey! We are always looking for people. Any position, multiple positions…whatever your preference/interests are. If you would like to email us at with areas you think you’d like to get involved in, we’ll get the ball rolling!

  3. I was in your shop for the first time the other day and absolutely fell in love…I would definitely give 8 hours a month!!:) Let me know the next training date and I’ll be there!

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