Cultivating Creatives With Coffea Roasterie

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As an artist, relationships with galleries, patrons, collectors, and the many other varieties of art enthusiasts become just as important, if not more so, than the created work itself. Creating art and showing it in a gallery space is not, in the least, simply about making money. Exhibiting works of art creates communication with the world outside of the studio. The artist and the gallerist share a certain level of involvement and appreciation with the art. – Jordan Thornton


This week, JAM blogger Jordan Thornton took the opportunity to interview Kaley Dykstra, of Coffea Roasterie, about the art they display and their relationship with the local art community in Sioux Falls.

JAM: Tell me a bit about Coffea as a business and what sets it apart from other coffee shops.

Kaley: Coffea strives to do this “coffee” thing without compromise. Without compromise means putting life behind our passions. Coffea takes a culinary approach to the ol’ cuppa joe. We take pride in serving a coffee in an art form. We love the details. When it all comes down to it, I believe that’s what physically sets us apart. We care about the milk we use, we keep our equipment clean, we make our own ingredients so we know what we are actually serving our customers. I also wholeheartedly believe that we cultivate a desirable atmosphere. We love to love people, and we really want to create a community here at Coffea. Something safe, something customers can take ownership in, something comfortable; like an escape. If people can come to Coffea, forget about stresses of everyday “stuff,” while enjoying a damn good cup of coffee; we have succeeded.

JAM: Tell me a bit about the artwork currently on display at both of the Coffea locations.

Kaley: We currently have Nancyjane Huehl at our downtown location. She works out of her studio in the heart of Sioux Falls. She’s really well known for her landscape paintings and has shown her work all over the nation. At our Louise location we have a photographer by the name of Abby Bischoff. She’s known for giving life to abandoned farm houses, barns, etc. Abby has been recognized throughout the country. Each of these artists held a reception during a First Friday downtown.

JAM: How is the artwork on display selected? Or how can artists get in contact with you about displaying their work at Coffea?

Kaley: The art work is selected by Darin and myself. We touch base and see what artists have interest in showing, then choose what would fit best into our schedule and what could partner with all that Coffea stands for. Artists can contact myself or Darin via email with a link to a portfolio.

JAM: Is there anything else about Coffea you’d like to share with Sioux Falls artists and art enthusiasts?

Kaley: We’d love to be more involved and have more to offer. We wish we had more space! We want to highlight all that the community has to offer. Our hopes is that this (being art shows, exhibits, etc) would become a regular expectation of us.[]

Jordan Thornton is a Sioux Falls native. She recently moved back from her explorations out west.

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