Community Art Advocacy Award

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2018 recipient, Hannah Wendt!

The Community Art Advocacy Award is an annual award presented at the yearly Sweet Art Show, recognizing an individual who is an advocate for the arts in our local community.

The award symbolizes someone who has:

– Been a catalyst for artistic development
– Shown a commitment to advancing the arts in our community
– Displayed an understanding of the arts as a tool for community transformation
– Worked tirelessly towards a dream and goal

We know that there are countless individuals involved in the Sioux Falls arts community that go unrecognized each day. These individuals sacrifice their time, talent and money to work towards a bigger picture, to engage the community in an active and present way.

Nominate someone who is going above and beyond, pushing the local art community to new heights. Fill out a contact form with the person’s name you wish to nominate and reasons why they are creating positive change in our community.

The winner will be announced at the Sweet Art Show in September 2018.

Past Winners:

2018 – Hannah Wendt

2017 – Em Nguyen

2016 – Zach DeBoer
Owner/Gallery Director at Exposure Gallery & Studios

2015 – Jess Miller-Johnson
Executive Director of JAM Art & Supplies

Jess has poured her heart and soul into JAM. She has dedicated countless hours to meetings, networking, blogging, interviews, editing and emailing. She manages a team of five bloggers, coordinates blog posts, works at JAM’s storefront, and stays on top of all avenues of social media and interpersonal communication. She has pitched her dream to several big creative community organizations such as t 1 Million Cups Sioux Falls, and Petcha Kutcha Night at the Design Center. She’s connected with the Washington Pavilion, Sioux Empire Arts Council, and Falls Foundry to tryand utilize the creative community to its full potential. Jess has taken time away from her family and donated her own money to make her dream a reality. She has inspired so many of us with her enthusiasm, ambition and fearless leadership. Jess has connected all of us in the art community, bringing to light some amazing art and artists that that world needs to see.


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