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An Ear to the Ground #13

[Korehiko Hino]

Article in the New York Times about appreciating art and giving the work the time it needs to truly make an impact on yourself.

The Best way to take in art: Breathe in and slow down

“When you go to the library,” said James O. Pawelski,  Director of Education for the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, “you don’t walk along the shelves looking at the spines of the books and on your way out tweet to your Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #13

David Lethcoe: An Inspired Interview



I once had a tae kwon do coach tell me that when you’re out there on the mat, you want your performance to inspire people. Your performance should look effortless, but high energy. It should be fun, so that people think, “I want to do that, I want to start practicing tae kwon do.” David Lethcoe does this with his sculptures; his creations are fun and carry a lot of energy and he makes me want to create. But Dave isn’t performing or just acting inspired. He knows how to stay inspired; you have to keep learning different things. When you keep learning you don’t have to think out every step–your subconscious can work out the problems that your mind creates. You just need to keep it simple.
Some people intuitively know how simple the world can be. That doesn’t mean they’re simple people. With Dave, it’s just the opposite. He has theory, art history, and new art movements all rolling through his head, fighting for his attention, when deep down he knows that just looking at the sky will suffice. It takes courage to admit that your subconscious can solve problems better than your ego can. Dave’s approach to life is romantic. I am a romantic—that’s probably why I became an artist. I like the idea of working in your studio, having your whole day to just clear your mind and cut materials. To me, when Dave tells us about a day in his studio, it is inspiring and encouraging. Keep things simple. Learn so your mind can stay fresh, and every now and then, look up at the sky. ~Jess 

JAM: What is the path that has led you to where you are today?

Dave: I’ve always wanted to be an artist since I was young. I drew all the time and played outside. I didn’t have any artists in the family, but my older brother drew as well. I always thought he was good, and I wanted to be as good as him. After a while, he got to point where he didn’t draw any more and I kept doing it. When you’re in elementary school, art kind of makes you the cool kid because everyone wants to see what you’re doing. I would compete with another kid in the class by trying to outdraw him. We were Continue reading David Lethcoe: An Inspired Interview

Heading off to College? Or wish you were?

Hi everyone! I’m going to keep this really, really short because I have too much to do to write much this week, but I wanted all of you to know about the internship that we’re offering. If you know of anyone that would be interested in this blogging internship please pass it on. -Jess

Join our start-up team of creatives by becoming an intern at JAM Art & Supplies. JAM Art & Supplies is a nonprofit by artists for artists aspiring to open a new and used art supply store in 2015. Currently JAM gathers art supplies for other nonprofits with art programs. We use the JAM blog to locally interview artists, to promote, and review local art happenings. Help us focus on opening our doors by becoming an intern blogger.

Blogging has becoming a must-do aspect for any artist or creative business. Come experience how our team works together maintaining a website for the community. We will help foster your ideas and get you started with your blogging career.

Applications due September 30, 2014

JAM Intern Blogger Job Posting


Exposing Exposure: 3 Unexpected Reasons You Should Donate to Exposure

1. First of all, yes, Exposure dropped off the face of Phillips Avenue without notice last time, but that part of Phillips Avenue The L'abri buidling on 6th and Phillips, Sioux Falls. A photo from the Argus Leader of their new location way back in 1927 when it was known as the Andrew Kuehn becoming old hat. I’ve noticed. And you have definitely noticed that “Phillips to the Falls” has really vamped up the North end of downtown. This includes the building that Exposure would like to move into, the L’abri building. You probably didn’t know Continue reading Exposing Exposure: 3 Unexpected Reasons You Should Donate to Exposure

Meet Our Board of Directors

I have never started a nonprofit before, and it’s a little nerve racking, but I feel much better standing with this team. Our Board of Directors is ready to take on this project to provide unique space and art supplies to Sioux Falls artists. Without further ado, and in alphabetical order, I present to you the JAM Art & Supplies Board of Directors. Continue reading Meet Our Board of Directors

Have Tos and Have Dones

Getting JAM Art & Supplies into an actual retail space is the ultimate goal. But, everyday I have to commit myself to little goals. I’m sure you all deal with this in your lives too. 

This week I have to fill out the “Articles of Incorporation” form to mail off our application to the Secretary of State so we can become Continue reading Have Tos and Have Dones

A Short Assessment of Inventory

Today my sister helped me organize the donations JAM received over the weekend. My grandmother gave us a whole lot of antique buttons, paper, drawing and painting supplies. Nell passed on craft supplies from years worth of bein’ crafty and a crayon maker. And, Mary, who’s cleaning out her junk room to welcome a Continue reading A Short Assessment of Inventory

Donations We Accept


Artificial flowers

Baby food Jars


Boxes-fashion or gift

Brown grocery bags




Calendars with photos




Cigar boxes

Coffee cans

Corks or corkboard

Crepe Paper

Die-cuts of any kind


Egg cartons

Envelopes (preferably w/out letterhead)

Fabric especially polar fleece,felt,velvet,fake-fur, and burlap

Fake fur fabric


Film Canisters

Flexible foam materials

Foam core



Gift bags



Greeting Cards (unused)

Grocery bags

Hats and other party favors

Jewelry and jewelry supplies



Like-new art supplies for adults /children

Magic markers

Magnets or magnetic materials

Mat board

Metal Tins

Micarta chips


Mylar of all kinds

Natural materials such as seashells, pine cones, or rocks

Ornate throw-aways

Papers of all kinds, colors, and sizes

Paper clips

Paper towel rolls

Paper sample books



Photo slides

Pine Cones

Plastic bottles or other containers

Polar Fleece Fabric

Oatmeal containers



Scrapbook papers



Sewing Notions like thread, zippers, velcro, buttons, etc.

Silk Flowers

Slide holders

Stained glass


Stock books


Tag board

Tapes of all kinds

Tennis balls


Tissue paper

Transfer materials

Transparent materials

Tubes (not thick rimmed ones)

Unusual scrap

Upholstery samples


Wallpaper books (not rolls)


Wood scraps of uniform size and shape