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Youngers Studio Tuesday Night Drawing Group Resumes

Tuesday Night Drawing Group resumes this week!
Tues, Oct 2nd– Nude figure pose, Ann will be our model
Send a reply or call/text if you plan to attend 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all again!
10/2 – Nude Figure (Ann)
10/9 – Portrait/Costume
10/16 – Nude Figure (Marcus)
10/23 – Nude Figure (Monica)
10/30 – Nude Figure (Monica)
335 N. Main Ave. Ste. 210
Sioux Falls, SD 57104


After a diligent year and a half, Sion Lidster and Jason Kurtz of Full Circle Book Co-op will open their official brick-and-mortar location in Sioux Falls. A creative space for local artists of all ages and trades, FCBC is sure to be a springboard for countless local projects and ideas. We are so excited for our brothers in grassroots art advocacy. Congratulations and welcome to downtown!   – Tana

Tana: Tell us a little about the Full Circle Book Co-op. What is it? How did the idea come about?

Sion Lidster: In its most basic form, the FCBC is a creative hub – based around a used books shop, events space and beer/wine/coffee/conversation bar – that serves affordable food!

The idea is to create a place where artists and fans of the arts can come to hang out, talk, work and meet each other. I hope that it will help inspire artistic projects and ideas.

A physical space is important in artistic movements, and I believe that service to the arts goes far beyond the artists themselves. It becomes the duty of businesses to afford artists their lifestyle, if they do indeed support that community. This means low prices and open arms. It means a meal that won’t break the bank, a full coffee cup, a round of beer and merriment. We want to feed the arts, literally!

The idea came about in order to solve a problem we were facing. Me and my friend and business partner, Jason Kurtz, both run literary non-profits, and we were struggling to find all age venues to host our events that didn’t cost more than we could afford. We decided to work together to create a space that would not only provide this, but would hopefully become an inspiring home for all artists looking for one. The co-op idea came about because we want to encourage community, but want to make it clear that you do not have to be a member to shop with us – our membership program provides additional benefits.

After a year and a half of pop-up shops and events around the community, you guys have secured a physical location. Was that always the goal? What has been the process? Where will it be located?

It was always the goal to have a physical location. In fact, we were quick to announce that the space was coming last summer before we hit some road bumps (we are artists and optimists first)! Those road bumps taught us some valuable lessons that we are now bringing to our new location. Funnily enough, the location we have now was actually the first place we ever wanted to lease – so, full circle it is!

We will be located at 123 W 10thSt, Downtown Sioux Falls (the former Hydra building).

What’s your vision for the space?

You will walk through the door to an eye full of books and histories. You will walk on and find someone writing in a notebook. There may be a passionate conversation at the bar. There’ll be poetry on the walls. There will be an artist selling their wares in a booth. A non-profit will be holding a meeting in our scriptorium. You’ll look at a menu of delicious, shareable meals. Depending on the day, you may be treated to open mic poetry, live jazz, stand-up comedy, independent theatre, figure drawing, or a zine-making workshop.

A place where you are going to come and find a surprise – whether that is a book that you never knew you wanted, a painting you’ve never seen, or a person you’ve never met. A community meeting point, open and welcoming to all.

You launched a Kickstarter to raise funds toward initial expenses. Can you give us some of those details?

Yes, we have a Kickstarter running until Thursday, October 18th. We are asking for $10,000 dollars to cover initial start-up costs, such as inventory, kitchen equipment, building improvements/maintenance, licenses, and the Kickstarter costs themselves.

We are offering a number of rewards for your donations, from gift certificates to swag bags to lifetime memberships, and more! More info here.

For those who might not be able to help monetarily, what are some other ways they can offer support?

Being a grassroots effort, there are many ways to support us that does not require your money. Sharing our posts. Inviting people to our events on social media. Interviewing us. Holding events with us. Word of mouth. Handing out fliers. Volunteering. Donating books.

Currently, $100 (100 points), a donation of 100 books (100 points), or volunteering 20 hours (5 points an hour), or a combination, will get you a year’s rolling membership. These are real physical ways to keep the doors open.

You are for the community by the community. What are some ways the community can get involved once your space is up and running?


The easiest way to get involved is to just simply ‘turn up.’ Come and buy our books, drink our coffee, join us for happy hour. Come and eat with us, break bread, share your news. Be a part of what this could be. The dream is to make this a living space, something memorable. We cannot, and don’t want to, do it without you.

If you want to hold an event, get in touch with us. If you have a non-profit and need a meeting space, get in touch with us. Consider us for your birthday parties, holiday parties, fundraising parties…
Come and perform with us, share your poetry, your acting, your painting. Bring us your books and prints to sell on the shelves…
Come to our classes, become members, bring a friend…
Create with us…

When will you officially open?

The official opening date is Friday, November 2nd. There will be a weekend full of festivities!

What kind of events will you host?

Open mic poetry, independent theatre, writing courses, TED-X style presentations, game nights, pub quiz, figure drawing, independent cinema, first page reads, writing critiques, cultural celebrations, salon-style conversations, live comedy, live podcasting, book clubs and book explorations, artistic happy hours, acting classes, photography classes, journaling classes, jazz brunch… and more!
We have many lists!

Even though you are a book co-op, like you said you are a creative space, and will have opportunities for a ray of artists. What kind of opportunities will you have available to visual artists?

When I speak of artists I speak of all mediums –  written, visual, and beyond.

We want a space that is dedicated to a featured monthly visual artist. Somewhere where, instead of merely hosting work as a backdrop to our shop, we are working with the artist as part of an idea, an installation, for them to get the best of their work.

We are also going to have a space to sell prints, as well as a booth that can be hired at any time during our opening hours for people to sell their work (not specific to visual, but totally included.)

How can they reach out to you to get involved?

The easiest and quickest way is by liking and messaging us on Facebook, where Jason will get back to you quickly.

What is the best way to keep in the know? Newsletter sign-up, Facebook?

Join up to our newsletter (
Like us on Facebook/Instagram (@fullcirclebookcoop)
Donate to Kickstarter

How do you see things a year from now?

Looking back on one hell of an experiment, hopefully with a full house of poets and artists to celebrate with us!

Any other pertinent details I might be missing? 

I think this covered the wider, more in-depth bases really well. Got to cover ground that our ‘elevator pitch’ doesn’t scratch, so thank you very much for the questions!!!

Make sure to mark your calendars for November 2!



Fernson Brewery
1400 East Robur Dr, Sioux Falls
Thursday, September 27, 2018
7:00-10:00 PM

SDAF is excited to bring you an Art Battle, a live competitive painting event. The theme for the work will be revealed at the beginning of the event. Using the theme, artists will create the best work they can across three timed rounds. During each round, a new medium will be used. As the artists work, the audience is invited to move around the easels, allowing an up close view of the creative process.

At the end of the round, the audience will vote for their favorite painting.

On Friday, conference attendees will have the opportunity to place bids in a silent auction to take the paintings home. The money earned from each painting will be donated to a non-profit of the highest-bidders choice.


If you’re an artist who loves some friendly competition, contact us to find out more about participating in this event.


  1. Artists have 90 minutes to create their painting, in three 30 minute rounds.
  2. Artists are provided with one 24×36″ canvas, cleaning towels, a water container, *acrylic paint, and **markers.
  3. One medium will be used per round. Artists will be supplied with markers and acrylic paint to be used during two rounds. Each artist will bring a third medium of their choice for one round. Mediums may be used in any round order.
  4. Artists may use any non-mechanical tools: brushes, palette knives, rollers, sponges, tape etc.
  5. Pre-made images or stencils are not permitted.
  6. Artists may not mix paint until the round begins.
  7. Reference material is not permitted at the easel.

*Acrylic Colors: Titanium White, Black, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Phthalo Green, Cobalt Blue, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna
**Marker Colors: Acrylic Broad-Point Markers in Yellow, Red, Blue, Black

Become A Better Artist Through Candle-Making

by Lucy Chambers
JAM Contributing Writer

The value of art is often the message, not necessarily the medium. As with any hobby or career, it can be easy to fall into a rut, creative or professional. It’s important to find new inspiration and take on new challenges in art because it can strengthen your brain and even help slow or prevent an eventual decline in cognitive skills. In addition, more than three-quarters of people surveyed said that learning something new made them feel more proficient and versatile in their skill set, and two-thirds said it helped expand their circle of connections. Choosing a new, creative activity with a low-barrier to entry, while also providing multiple avenues for creativity – like making candles – can support artists and their work.

Steps to candle making

The candle making process is pretty straightforward and quite practical, as well as extremely popular; more than three-quarters of American families use candles at home. Wax – whether paraffin, beeswax, animal fat, soy or other material – is melted gently in the upper pot of a double-boiler on low heat, usually a stove-top or electric hot plate. Coloring and fragrance are added to the melted wax, and then it’s poured into a mold or jar where the wick is already in place and allowed to set. Be sure to follow safety precautions when preparing the candle medium, and ensure that the molds or jars being used can stand up to the high heat of melted wax! 

Getting creative with candle-making

Candle artists have so many avenues of expression for their art. Use containers on hand in new and creative ways or craft new molds to convey themes, ideas or objects, familiar and new.  Come up with custom candle colors using commercially produced dyes or plants, roots, and flowers from home gardens. Get creative with fragrances by adding essential oils, mint, lavender, basil or dried flowers to the melted candle medium to set your work apart. Some artists carve designs into cooled candles while others carve the candles themselves into figures, abstract shapes, or other recognizable objects. 

Artists are likely to find that the benefits of candle making reach beyond the actual candles themselves. The creative process of overcoming the fear and anxiety of learning something new develop new expressive skills that can generate inspiration and ideas for other projects. Thinking creatively in new and meaningful ways can be just the tool that helps artists overcome a rut.

Lucy Chambers is a professional freelance writer with many years experience across a variety of sectors. She made the move to freelancing from a stressful corporate job, and loves the work-life balance it offers her.


 Rhythmic Gesture & Structural Block-In

OCT 4 – NOV 15


DATES: 10/4, 10/18, 11/1, 11/15

Back by popular demand after a sold-out summer class!  This course is designed as a fun and engaging introduction to figure drawing for beginners, while also providing depth, insight, and constructive feedback for more seasoned artists to continue honing their skills. 

Students will draw from a live model to develop their observational drawing skills and build a conceptual understanding of the nude figure. Alternating weeks with female and male models, we will compare/contrast distinctions in anatomy and structure. Instruction will focus on capturing an energetic and accurate block-in that provides a solid foundation upon which one can build a more fully rendered drawing. Additional attention will be given to utilizing the principles of light and shadow to create a sense of volume and dimensionality. Each class will begin with mulitple quick gesture poses, where students will learn to simplify the large forms and dynamic rhythms of the figure. The second half of class will be spent on building a structural “straight line block-in”. 

4-week class, every-other Thursday evening. All skill levels welcome; demonstrations and personalized, one-on-one instruction throughout. A list of materials will be provided upon registration. 

Class Limit 10 Students. 

Tuition payable by cash, check or credit card (via Paypal).  50% down-payment is required to hold a spot.  Checks payable to Anna Youngers Fine Art.

To REGISTER, or for additional information, contact: or (605) 929-5016

CFA: Photographers Sought for Annual Photography Exhibit

Statewide Photographers Sought for Annual Photography Exhibit at the Brookings Arts Council

Friday, December 14 marks the closing date for accepting entries for the 40th Annual Photography Exhibit.

This judged competition and exhibit is open to all photographers 14 years of age and older. Heather Kuhlman, Executive Director, says, “We look forward to seeing the incredible photographic work that this event brings yearly. There are so many photographers that are so very talented and we are thrilled to showcase their photographic art to the public during the exhibit!”

Awards will be given in color and black and white categories with 1st-3rd cash place distinctions for the print division in each category. Any photographic print may be entered created within the last 5 years, with composite prints accepted as long as they are marked as such. Works should not have been exhibited at the Brookings Arts Council in the past.

Continuing this year is an online digital competition. Kuhlman states, “with the popularity of Iphones, Facebook and Instagram, we felt we were missing a genre of photographers that do not necessarily print their images. We wanted to give those photographers a platform to compete from as well!” Please submit your images to, 800×640 pixels at 300dpi. Pictures that are submitted will be uploaded onto our website on Wednesday, January 9th. Do not submit any pictures that contain nudity, violence, obscenity, profanity, pornography or anything else that is offensive in nature. The submitted images must be the photographer’s original work. One digital winner will be announced at the Exhibit Reception on January 10th

The deadline for entering the event is December 14, 2018 with the exhibit opening on Jan. 3rd. The Awards Reception will be held on January 10th, from 4:30-6:30, with awards being presented at 5pm. The exhibit will close on February 1st.

Forms can be downloaded directly from our website at:

For more information regarding this exhibit or upcoming exhibits call the BAC at (605) 692-4177, email us at, for most up to date, add us on Facebook.

Art Exhibit — Leah Simmons

Art Exhibit — Leah Simmons

Simmons’ work is an exploration of color and line on the unexpected canvas of animal skulls.
Organic elements and geometric shapes allow the viewer to admire the beauty inherent in the structure of the bones as well as their interplay with the art.
August 1-September 30
Downtown Library
Regular hours 

Subliminal Creativity: Peace and Tranquility in Nature

by Lucy Chambers
JAM Contributing Writer

Many great artists have taken inspiration from the great outdoors. One such example is Vincent Van Gogh, who recommends that artists “keep [their] love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more.” Time spent in nature promotes peace and tranquility, which can lead to artistic creativity. Moments of peace and tranquility can be found in the flowing rivers, swaying branches, the lonely, shape-shifting clouds, or any of the beautiful and wondrous creatures found in the natural world.

Water and Mental Health

The fact that the sound of flowing water has positive psychological effects on the human brain is a testament to the power and influence of nature on our minds and spirits. One of the ways that we know this to be true is that psychologists have been using ocean sounds to promote peace and tranquility during various forms of therapy for years, and they will continue to do so because it works. Some scientists have even suggested that the sound of flowing waters, waves and the changing of the tides affects the rhythm of our brain waves, which creates a more peaceful train of thought.

Time spent in nature helps to promote creativity because we are able to escape the ebb and flow of our everyday distractions and stimulations. Our brains are able to rest, relax and recharge once we get away from our cell phones and social media and surround ourselves the natural world. In fact, people are roughly fifty percent more creative after spending just a few days immersed in nature, away from the city. If you are looking for a boost in your creativity a trip to the cottage, lake or the beach could be exactly what you need.

The Sublime in Nature

The natural world has an uncanny ability to capture our attention and foster moments of awe in the human brain. Have you have ever caught yourself staring at the ocean, sunset, or simply off into the distance at a maze of trees, thick and green as the sea? If you have, then you will understand William Wordsworth’s sentiment, “poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.” All humans experience powerful emotions in moments of love, longing and loss. If we spend time in nature and reflect upon these powerful feelings and memories we can not only feel more peaceful, tranquil and unified with our emotions and our surroundings, but we can promote and, potentially, peak our artistic creativity.

Lucy Chambers is a professional freelance writer with many years experience across a variety of sectors. She made the move to freelancing from a stressful corporate job, and loves the work-life balance it offers her.

CFA: October Art & Wine Walk

Looking to get your work out in front of hundreds of people? DTSF is looking for artists for the October Art & Wine Walk. Here are the copy/pasted details:

Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. is seeking artists to apply to participate in our First Friday Art & Wine Walk on October 5th from 5:00 – 9:00pm. This would entail setting up in a business downtown that I would match you with. We would ask that you demonstrate your art (whether that be painting, drawing, creating pottery or jewelry, etc.) on site and have some examples of your finished pieces on display. You would need to be available for the entire timeframe of 5:00pm – 9:00pm and set up in advance.

Please reply no later than August 20th if you are interested. There is no cost to you, and most businesses will allow you to sell your art that night. In your email, please include:

approximately how much space you would need
what type of art you do
provide graphics or a link to a website showing your work
We will let you know by about August 27th if we are able to match you with a business for this event.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Sarah Munce | Program Coordinator
Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc.

USF Alumni and Faculty Exhibition Receptions

Join us for TWO art receptions celebrating the artwork of our faculty and alumni! Receptions overlap, so be sure to stop by both receptions that Friday, September 28. There will also be tasty refreshments and other Homecoming Festivities!

USF Faculty Exhibition Reception – 3-5p – Mear’s Library Gallery
USF Alumni Exhibition Reception – 4-6p – Jeschke Fine Arts Center



for Sioux Falls Artists