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Adam Goodge: An Inspiring Interview


Sometimes there is a thoughtfulness in a person that is immediately apparent through their approach to a conversation, and the things that they share with you. It may serve as a reminder to others of the beauty in subtlety and the strength in purpose. In this interview, we had the opportunity to talk to one of those people. 

Adam Goodge is a printmaker living in Sioux Falls, that focuses primarily on screen printing, and producing clean images with somewhat politically driven messages. He welcomed us to his home to view his studio and a collection of his works. Goodge chatted with us about the importance of detail in producing a good print, how to create a powerful message with a visually pleasing piece, and what happens when you use a plasma cutter to take apart an engine. -Amy

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Why You Should Try Something New and Blog for JAM


I started using the Washington Pavilion pottery studio. Every Sunday from 1-4 there is an open studio for people who have taken a class in their pottery studio before, or if you at least have some knowledge about clay. Supposedly, I fall into the latter category. It’s foolish.

I don’t know anything about clay. In college I focused mainly on printmaking, drawing, and painting. When I took my ceramics class with Jerry Punt I became easily discouraged. I started hand building a sculpture that looked like it was a sand castle made out of hollow marshmallows. I don’t remember how long I worked on it, but at some point it disappeared. Someone threw it out.

Five years later I’m finally ready to move on and try my hand in the ceramics studio. They make it  easy to buy clay from there, which I really liked. And, it doesn’t cost anything to fire your pieces. Continue reading Why You Should Try Something New and Blog for JAM

Ear to the Ground

Censored art and being afraid of women:

Who the hell is afraid of a little pubic hair

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Steve Larson: An Inspiring Interview

Steve L featured image
So often in our youth we forget how indiscernible time has a way of becoming. The moments that we experience in our early adulthood may become mere sentences or moments of hardly recalled time. It is hard to imagine the future, and sometimes even more so the past. To give us some perspective on the transitory nature of both art and life, JAM met with artist Steve Larson at his home in Sioux Falls. He is a former Lutheran minister and social worker that did not begin to create art until he was in his forties. Larson spoke to us about the importance of being open to inspiration, and finding it through fostering a will to keep yourself in constant creative motion. He shared with us his rock collection, past paintings, and his most current 3D constructions. Most importantly, Larson pointed out to us to never consider things to be final, as in our lives, it’s not where you’re at—it’s where you are. -Amy

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A South Dakota Gem: Frogman’s Print Workshop

I received an email from Michelle St Vrain about letting all of you kind folks know about the happenings in Vermillion this last weekend. Michelle, a coordinator for Frogman’s Print Workshop which is hosted on the University of South Dakota‘s campus wrote, “I know that JAM Art & Supplies usually features local artists but I feel that this is also an important South Dakota event that should be considered covering. Many printmakers and other artists travel to Vermillion, SD annually to be apart of this workshop and I feel that this is a very unique situation for this region. I would love for you or another JAM Art & Supplies representative to come and view the artwork, and also meet many wonderful people involved with the workshop.”


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An Ear to the Ground

Art about the Internet: A brilliant interview of Hito Steyerl

from Dis Magazine –  Hito Steyerl – Politics of Post-Representation

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An Ear to the Ground

eli show sioux falls

 Hi, This is my first post for JAM, this will be a weekly reoccurring post of the best articles and stuff I find around the internet. -Eli Show

Old readings of artistic wisdom:

Boris Groys – Comrades of Time

First is from one of my favorite writers of culture and art, dense but brilliant. Groys writes on the concept of being contemporary and states of contemporary art. Again this one is pretty dense, and it took me a few reads to fully take this one in but afterwards you are left with a good question to answer, which in my opinion is one of the best ways to approach art making.

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Five Sioux Falls Instagrammers You Should Follow

I don’t follow everyone in Sioux Falls on Instagram, so I can’t say this list is the end all-be all but, according to my eyes scrolling through my feed: here are my favorite Sioux Falls Instagrammers.

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It’s easy to forget the calm that a cool wind brings. Walking around downtown on First Friday, I was ever met with the soft lull of my surroundings. That inner peace that an unassuming wind brings can lead one to letting their thoughts float—letting their eyes close. That evening, I found myself giving Continue reading FIRST FRIDAY REVIEW – JUNE 6TH

Wrapping Up Our First Supply Drive


Yesterday concluded the first ever JAM Art and Supplies’s Supply Drive. We were collecting beads, rubber band bracelet making materials, and t-shirt decorating supplies for the Children’s Inn. The Children’s Inn is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1977 that provides 24 hour, free services for women and children who are victims of family violence, elder abuse, child abuse, neglect, or sexual assault.

I dropped off two heavy boxes filled with more beads then I could of imagined and other craft supplies; these boxes will help fill the time for mothers and children who are seeking shelter from abuse with the pleasure that can only come from using ones hands and being creative.

When I dropped off the boxes, Staci, the woman in charge of donations gave me a tour of the high security shelter. I was impressed with the stock piles of commodities that they offer to the guests to ensure they have all the things they need while they’re away from home. Some of the women and children leave the abusive situation without much more than the clothes on their backs. They have clean socks, under garments, and clothes for every size.

I asked what things they need most right now and Staci said they’re always in need of luggage and cereal.

If you would like to make a donation to the Children’s Inn, here is a link to their donation page. Or, if you would like to learn more about JAM’s Supply Drives contact us!