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How To Enrich Visual Art With Audio Elements

by Lucy Chambers
JAM Contributing Writer

Keith Salmon is a landscape painter from Scotland and he does moody landscapes with pastel and paint. His vision has deteriorated over the years. His weakening eyesight has prompted him to adapt his artistic style by adding audio elements to his art installations, thanks to a little help from Microsoft. His art installation, “The Oregon Project,” utilizes an array of soundtracks and overhead speakers. Any artist who wishes to use audio to boost the appeal and resonance of art should choose a sound that evokes meaning and select suitable sound equipment.

Choose sound that evokes meaning

To create an art display with more power and impact, an artist must add sound that enhances the mood and feel of an individual piece of art, or series of works. It’s important to choose sound that evokes appropriate emotions. Landscapes will be enhanced by nature soundtracks, or music made with old-fashioned instruments (pipes or drums, for example). Contemporary art with an avant-garde or industrial vibe will be enhanced by sound from synthesizers and/or digital drum machines, or by recordings of sounds of the city or industrial processes. Match the sound to the art to intensify mood.

Which sound equipment is suitable?

Audio interfaces which help artists to improve the sound quality of computers and expand the sound capabilities of computers are smart purchases. Speakers with ultrasonic, parametric performance are also popular choices for art installations, as they give artists the power to project sounds onto an array of surfaces. For example, these speakers may be used to make it seem like the sound is coming directly from sculptures. Keith Salmon chose overhead speakers to transmit sound during his art exhibit. According to, the space that an artist uses to exhibit art, should be considered before an audio setup is created. Some artists utilize old-fashioned audio equipment, such as older radio and cassette players, because they offer visual appeal and are prized by collectors.

Test out a sound system carefully

Artists will need to control sounds in specific environments, such as galleries or showrooms, and this is sometimes tricky. Artists should test out sound systems carefully before they use them. In other words, if an exhibition is planned, an artist should spend some time setting up the system, trying it out and tweaking it (if needed) before welcoming the public. Sound does add depth and meaning to visual art. It’s another way to reach the hearts and minds of art fans.

Lucy Chambers is a professional freelance writer with many years experience across a variety of sectors. She made the move to freelancing from a stressful corporate job, and loves the work-life balance it offers her.


What is Finding Our Voices?
FOV is a visual exhibit of domestic violence & sexual abuse stories told through art. (Can be anonymous.)

What is our purpose?
To inspire hope & healing, to give survivors a voice, & make resources known for those in need.

Where can you see FOV?
Beginning in October 2018, FOV will travel throughout Sioux Falls & surrounding communities— College campuses, churches, art galleries, etc. First featured event will be at Take Back the Night.


Want to get involved or have questions?
Contact us!

unDefined, Inc
PO Box 467
Sioux Falls, SD 57101
Phone: (605)321-0077



  • Application Deadline:  July 23rd, 2018
  • Title: Literary Themed
  • Email:
  • Phone: 605-332-2665 ext 11

Description Of Exhibition: A juried exhibit of artwork using paper/books as a medium. Art that is inspired by paper/reading, words, books etc. Both two and three-dimensional work is eligible.  If you are a creative crafter, artist or DIY’er, REACH is excited to be in touch with you and learn about your creative work!

To Apply:

  1. Complete the Entry Form and Feature Exhibition Disclaimer
  2. Email to Paige Carda, PAIGE@REACHLITERACY.ORG

**Make sure to include on THE SUBJECT LINE “ARTISTS ENTRY”

REACH Artist Entry Form

REACH Literacy Center will host 20 pieces of art each month. This art will be for sale in our store and REACH will take a modest 25% commission. Items will be placed throughout the store and merchandized to show off your work and our bookstore.


by Lucy Chambers
JAM Contributing Writer

Art is one of the most historic forms of human interaction and a popular pastime among many. In fact, studies from Harvard’s Women’s Health Watch show that creating visual art can reduce the effects of stress, promote relaxation, and even improve emotional resilience. Couples can re-discover the power of creativity through painting canvases and promote discussion. So, no matter how good you are at it, painting can allow you to test your partner’s artistic side and see how well you both interact to new experiences. Here’s why taking a painting class makes the perfect first date for art lovers.

Create A Fun, Stress-Free Zone

Remember those awkward moments where you sat in silence on a previous date? In a world focused on social media, people tend to get distracted by their digital conversations rather than their actual date. With a painting class, you won’t have to worry thinking about what to say next. In fact, there is no time for awkwardness. Between the time you spend on listening to the guide and following instructions, painting your canvas, and sipping wine, there will be plenty of time to discuss your artwork, laugh with each other, and enjoy your time spent together.

Set the Tone for Your Relationship

The first date sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. According to the University of Texas, studies reveal that men and women evaluate potential partners through face-to-face context. Humans focus on how that person behaves and makes them feel in person that cannot be felt in cyberspace. Whether it is a good experience or even a disaster, how we create first impressions are vital to meeting someone new.

Show Off Your Creativity

Taking a painting class allows you to express your creativity and artistic side. It allows you to create something together and show off your skills. Not to mention, you will both achieve a sense of accomplishment when the artwork is actually finished. So, whether you or your partner enjoy art, this thoughtful experience will provide the perfect opportunity to learn something new about them and yourself.

Lastly, nothing makes a great “first” date as much as having fun while you try something new. Whether it is your first time or the hundredth time you’ve painted, taking your date to an art class will become a fresh new experience the both of you can remember and enjoy.


Lucy Chambers is a professional freelance writer with many years experience across a variety of sectors. She made the move to freelancing from a stressful corporate job, and loves the work-life balance it offers her.


Our fantastic board of directors steers our nonprofit, and we are currently seeking to fill empty positions.  No matter your skill set or trade, if you have a passion for community and the arts, we would love to have you sit at the table with us.

• Up to 8 hours of your time a month (includes monthly meeting)
• Ability to afford the JAM VIP Membership ($25/month, or $250 one-time annually)

Drop off or email us an APPLICATION at We can’t wait to hear from you!


Mixed media journaling is a great way to stay busy (and creative) while school is out.

Looking for a low cost, easy way to promote creativity in your child over the summer months? Mixed media art journaling is a great, low-pressure and therapeutic option that allows your child to find his or her own voice, document memories, express ideas, spur dialogue, even tune fine motor skills.

Building the base of your child’s journal can be as simple as picking up a notebook or book with blank pages from the bookstore, or as in-depth as binding your own using repurposed paper materials. If you are feeling ambitious, Pinterest has a lot of ways to build and bind your own journal.

The fun part about mixed media journaling is that there are no rules! So, how your child chooses to keep their journal is up to them. It can be as minimal as writing a sentence or quote, drawing a picture or cutting and pasting. The site is a fun place to find writing prompts, or a question-of-the-day to get them started. These can also provide great dinnertime conversation.

Use of various writing/drawing materials can increase a variety of sensory experiences, as well as allow them to creatively explore. From crayons to pencils to markers, even watercolors, pastels and chalk; the sky is the limit. Do note, if you choose to use materials like Sharpies or paints that have a tendency to bleed through, make sure the paper stock is more heavy duty.

Let them get creative with their materials. Encourage them to think outside the box by using photos, cutting pictures or words from magazines, adding found items like pressed flowers or leaves, or incorporating stickers or stamps.

Recap the day with some journal time before or after dinner, document summer travels, fill waiting time…whatever it may be, an art journal is easy to transport, cheap to make, and fun to look back on together.

CFA: RFP for Downtown Yankton Art Alleyway Project

Calling all Artists!

The Meridian District Board of Directors  and the Art Alleyway committee is seeking proposals for the design and installation of a mural in the alleyway located in the Meridian District in Downtown Yankton, South Dakota, located between the blocks of Walnut and Douglas Street on the Northside of 3rdStreet.

Please see the attached RFP for additional details.

RFP for Merdian District Artwork


5PM | August 1, 2018

Ashli Danilko | 605-660-9821

CFA: 42nd Annual Fine Arts Exhibit

42nd Annual Fine Arts Exhibit and Deadline Announced


The Brookings Arts Council is excited to release the Call for Art for the 42nd Annual Fine Arts Exhibit in early August. The rules and entry forms for Fine Arts Exhibit and Competition are now available online and at the Brookings Arts Council. We always look forward to seeing the art submitted to this exhibit as it is always amazing!

This annual exhibit is open to residents of South Dakota, 18 and older. All media, with the exception of photography, are eligible. There is a limit of two pieces per artist and the work must have been completed within the past two years. The entry fee is $20.00 per piece with cash prizes awarded to the top four pieces.

The deadline for entering is Friday, July 27th at 5 pm and the exhibit will officially open August 1st. The artists’ reception will be held Thursday, August 2nd from 4:30 to 6:30pm with awards being presented starting at 5pm.

The Brookings Arts Council is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, Noon to 5. There is no admission charge. For more information or copies of the form, contact 605-692-4177, email at , stop in at 524 4th Street in Brookings or check the website at

June Life Drawing Sessions

Downtown Figure Drawing
(Corner of 6th & Main)

6:30-9:00 pm
Easels provided
Limited space—send a reply to RSVP!
6/12 – TBD
6/19 – Nude Figure (Haley)
6/26 – Nude Figure (Marcus)


by Lucy Chambers
JAM Contributing Writer

Pablo Picasso once said: “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Art is one of life’s greatest gifts and becomes an even greater blessing when it can be shared with others. South Dakota is known for its rich art history, and given the fact that it was, until recently, home to renowned US artist Terry Redlin, it is no surprise that the state’s annual calendar is filled with a host of popular arts and culture-related events and festivals. An art event that is well organized will leave a lasting impression, potentially turning visitors into lifelong customers. The following guidelines will help you plan an event of your own that is bound to be remembered by everyone who attended for a very long time.

Get your team together

One thing every event organizer needs is a good team. The size of your team will be determined by the scope of your event and can consist of colleagues, friends, family members and even members of your local community. Brainstorm as many ideas as possible with your team, bouncing concepts off each other. Turning to your community for assistance could be of great benefit to you. Not only are people more likely to support an event that values their input, but you might come across some extremely talented creatives that could add potential value to your event.

Choose your venue

The venue you ultimately choose will depend on what type of event you are wanting to host. A gallery space will be ideal for an intimate art exhibition, while a larger area such as a community hall or even an outdoor space will be more suited to a large-scale arts and crafts festival. If your budget doesn’t allow for you to rent an upmarket space, don’t be disheartened. A storage unit, garage or even your local pub can, with some creativity and effort, easily be transformed into a mesmerizing setting that will do your event justice.

Source some talent

Every event needs a well-known artist to draw people in. If you are not planning on being the anchor artist yourself, reach out to someone who will be able to attract a crowd. Even if you are planning a large event with numerous contributors, you still need a ‘big name’ that will garner interest. If people see a list of unknown names on a flyer, they will more than likely toss it in the bin. If they see a well-known person’s name, though, chances are good that they will make a concerted effort to support your event. If your town/city does not feature any artists that you believe will draw a large crowd, start searching further afield, but remember to compensate for the added expenses in your budget.

Advertise, advertise, advertise

Unless you are planning to hold an ‘invite only’ event, you are going to have to do extensive advertising to ensure that your event is well-attended and that you make a profit at the end of it. Sending personal invites to key players in your community is a nice gesture and is bound to raise their opinion of you. As for the general public, make sure you come up with a creative and super-effective advertising campaign that fits the feel of your event. Apart from the actual event itself, marketing and promotion is usually the most fun-filled aspect as you can really let your creativity shine through. Design posters and flyers, place ads in your local newspaper and don’t ever forget the power of social media marketing. Cleverly-worded Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts can go a long way in attracting attention to your event and you should utilize its power as much as you possibly can.

While all of the above guidelines are extremely important when organizing an arts event, the most important thing to remember is to have fun.  Allow yourself enough time to plan your event to the best of your ability, making provision for last-minute hiccups. With a solid plan and industrious preparation, your event is bound to be a huge success, even if a few last-minute gremlins do creep in.

Lucy Chambers is a professional freelance writer with many years experience across a variety of sectors. She made the move to freelancing from a stressful corporate job, and loves the work-life balance it offers her.