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Eastbank Featured Artist for November

Artist Reception November 4, 5-8 PM

I was a combat artist in Vietnam in 1968. On some level I still am. But now my passion is plein air painting- in the open and on location in South Dakota. I paint what I see where I am at the time- in the impressionist style- having only a moment to capture the significance of a subject in its light and context.

My subjects may be highly recognizable landmarks in South Dakota like the Corn Palace or Falls Park, or they may be the less conspicuous, but no less special, places people recognize in their travels along the Missouri River or through Spearfish Canyon. In that light, I believe that my paintings have relevance and significance, reinforcing a sense of place for the people of South Dakota.
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10-Year-Old Brings Color To Great Plains Zoo

artinmediaEarlier this year, at just 9-years-old, she was putting a face to endangered animals, selling her animal paintings to raise money for a national wildlife organization. Now Bria Neff of Tea is taking her talents and using them to benefit animals in her own backyard.

9-Year-Old Artist’s Animal Portraits Featured In Gallery
A Picture Is Worth An Endangered Animals Life
“There it is,” Neff said pointing out the tiger to her mother at the zoo.

At first glance, Bria Neff appears quiet, a sweet 10-year-old girl.

“The Bengal Tiger can come in all different colors,” Neff explains to us.

Underneath her glasses though, is a fierce businesswoman ready to take on the world. In fact, her trip to the Great Plains Zoo today isn’t simply to see the animals, she’s here to promote her book… her coloring book….

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S.D. Art Teacher of the Year

A Sioux Falls elementary school teacher has been named South Dakota Art Teacher of the Year.artinmedia

artinmediaJohn V. Nelson, who teaches at Rosa Parks Elementary School, will be recognized this weekend at the South Dakota Art Education Association’s annual meeting.

Nelson began teaching at Rosa Parks in 2007 when the school opened. He has been an art teacher for students of all ages in South Dakota since the mid 80s.

“He balances his teaching and artist careers with boundless enthusiasm,” Rosemary Buchmann, an art teacher in Bennett County, said in a press release. “I don’t know when he sleeps.”…

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