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Parker school wins $50,000 in national competition

Facing 3,000 schools in a competition of shoe art, Parker High School students traveled to Los Angeles to claim a first-place prize of $50,000 on Wednesday.

Five finalist schools were given an all-exclusive trip to the Vans Custom Culture art competition this week, where students could meet pro-surfer Leila Hurst and musical artist Daya.

Twenty Parker students designed the four winning pairs of Vans shoes in four different concepts: music, art, action sports and local flavor. The small-town school southwest of Sioux Falls has participated in the competition for the past four years and previously has been awarded second and third place.

“We basically worked our way to the top,” said Dave Fuller, Parker’s art teacher.

The young artists worked with Fuller since February to come up with the designs for the shoes, which, Fuller said, took “a lot of brainstorming.”

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Editorial: Accessible art boosts livability in Sioux Falls

It wasn’t that long ago that Sioux Falls was considered an art desert in the landscape of cities its size.

In the early 1990s when “Money” magazine ranked the city at the top of the list for those comparable in population, a focus on the arts and culture barely registered points here. Sure, there were local artists, and places to go and see their work, but a sea change has happened in the past 20-plus years, especially when it comes to the public display of art.

One of the biggest contributors to accessible art has been SculptureWalk, a program in its 14th year of bringing sculptures to downtown streets to be enjoyed by all. This year, SculptureWalk has 56 pieces displayed mostly along Phillips Avenue and its side streets. The works represent 50 artists from 17 states and include ideas from realism to the abstract. The most expensive is “Ikicin,” a $300,000 buffalo statue by Colorado artist Gary Monaco.

More: Artists rave about Sioux Falls SculptureWalk: ‘You’re the grand piano’

Sioux Falls has the program’s director Jim Clark to thank in large part, but it wouldn’t happen without the financial support and a lot of cheerleading from local businesses and the city itself. That is a powerful combination of forces that we all need to appreciate so we continue to enjoy SculptureWalk as it moves into an impressive 15-year run next year…

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Artist finishes stick art sculpture in Brookings

A world-renowned artist has completed a new sculpture in the city of Brookings.

Patrick Dougherty has created a work of art using sticks. The sculpture is on display at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota.

He started working on the creation May 1. Volunteers in the community helped him gather sticks to build the structure.

Dougherty has been working as a sculptor for 30 years. He has made about 280 sculptures all over the world. This is his first art piece in South Dakota….

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SF Business Concedes To City In Mural Dispute With ‘Painting Party’

A Sioux Falls business will be holding a ‘painting party’ after the city says the mural on the side of their building is against city code. The owner of Elegant Mommy says she tried to resolve the problem, but has no choice but to concede to the city.

‘Elegant Mommy’ has been operating out of the location on West 37th Street near Minnesota Avenue for five years now.

Elegant Mommy Owner Shelly Gaddis said, “From the day that we bought this building I always envisioned some sort of art on the side of our building.”

Gaddis says the mural on the outside of her building depicting the parenting journey was completed in the fall of last year; symbolic of the maternity and parenting products they carry and the education services they provide inside. She says the wording is there to help her customers navigate her store. But she says the mural is more than that.

“Really, what the outside aims to do is to make everyone feel welcome,” said Gaddis.

Despite the feel it may provide, the city sent Gaddis a letter in November giving her 60 days to ‘remove the painted wall sign’….

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Noem Announces 2017 Winners of Congressional Art Competition

May 16 2017

Representative Kristi Noem today announced Ashley Geraets as the 2017 Congressional Art Competition Winner for her colored pencil drawing, “Aqua Vitae (Water is Life).” Geraets, a sophomore at Roosevelt High School in Sioux Falls, will have her artwork displayed in the U.S. Capitol complex, along with winning artwork from other congressional districts, for the next year.

Second place was awarded to Olivia Heinecke, a junior at Sisseton High School, for her painting, “Freckles.” Her artwork will hang in Noem’s congressional office in Washington.

“Ashley and Olivia have brought art to life in an incredible display of South Dakota talent with each of these pieces,” said Noem. “To the teachers, families, and friends who have supported these young women, I want to say thank you for encouraging them and taking the time to encourage their pursuit of the arts. I am so proud to have these pieces represent South Dakota’s talent in the U.S. Capitol.”

2017 Congressional Art Competition Winner

Ashley Geraets – Sioux Falls

2017 Congressional Art Competition Runner Up

Olivia Heinecke – Sisseton

The Congressional Art Competition is sponsored by Noem’s office in partnership with the South Dakota Arts Council. The Congressional Art Competition began in 1982, providing members of Congress with an opportunity to recognize talent in their home districts.

The South Dakota Arts Council, an office of the South Dakota Department of Tourism, is a state agency serving South Dakotans and their communities through the arts with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and the State of South Dakota. The South Dakota Department of Tourism is comprised of the Office of Tourism and the South Dakota Arts Council. The Department is led by Secretary James D. Hagen.

Impacts Of Addiction Inspire Student-Made Art

Several dozen paintings on display in Sioux Falls Friday evening depict the struggle of overcoming addiction.  Amazingly, the artists behind them are only teenagers.

Around 45 high schoolers from Roosevelt and Axtell Park created artwork for the “Art of Healing” art show downtown.  Many students in the show have either battled addiction, or have had a loved one go through it.  One artist we spoke to, 15-year-old Jonathan Ekberg, a freshman at Roosevelt, lost his 20-year-old cousin to a drug overdose last fall.  Another artist, 16-year-old Alexia Moya, a Roosevelt junior, recovered from self-harm addiction which she struggled with her entire freshman year.

“My painting has the quote on it ‘Addiction doesn’t just hurt you, it hurts everyone around you,’ so I just wanted people to know that addiction is not the way to go, drugs and alcohol are not the way to go,” Moya explains.

Ekberg adds, “I’m not really good at expressing my feelings face to face or on paper, so I thought doing this art project would help me get my message out there; spread the word not to do drugs and help kids learn what drugs can really do to you.”…

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Artists are raving about SculptureWalk

This year’s crop of sculptures on the Sioux Falls ScultpureWalk could be the most impressive yet, organizers say.

“I wasn’t sure until the sculptures arrived but this could be the best year ever,” said SculptureWalk Director Jim Clark, who helped coordinate the installation of 56 art pieces along downtown Sioux Falls streets last weekend. The event is in its 14th year.

Clark said the diversity of this year’s sculptures and the artists have the nonprofit feeling confident many of the pieces will find permanent homes in Sioux Falls when they come down next spring.

A full-scale, life-like buffalo sculpted out of steel could be the most prominent piece of the sculpture tour. The 2,500 pound, statue-type sculpture shipped from Littleton, Colorado, towers over the corner of 12th Street and Phillips Avenue and is valued at $300,000.

Clark said most sculptures require about five to 10 minutes to install, but the size of the buffalo required the use of a forklift and some finagling to get it stabilized on a raised flower planter.

“He certainly stands out,” Clark said of the buffalo. “It was a challenge to get lifted onto that planters. It’s a little tippy – lot of weight in the front end of it.”

In all, there are 50 artists from 17 states and two from Canada featured on the SculptureWalk this year. Minneapolis artist Kimber Fiebiger’ “Woman in the Wind” in front of CH Patisserie is her fourth piece to be displayed in Sioux Falls.

Varying from her typical “egg” pieces – she’s known as the “Egg Lady” from her past displays – this year’s piece depicts an abstract woman blowing in the wind…

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Artists: Sioux Falls scene needs collaboration, support, education

The White House caught the attention of Sioux Falls artists by proposing to cut federal funding last month, but they also know improving the local scene will take more than money.

Artists in Sioux Falls called for more collaboration, more arts education and more investment from public and private groups Friday in a brainstorming session hosted by local and state advocates.

Bringing together dozens of artists and community members, Arts South Dakota ended a nine-stop statewide tour at the Washington Pavilion in an attempt to learn the resources and needs of local arts communities.

Jim Speirs, executive director of the nonprofit, started the workshop by encouraging those in attendance to call politicians about President Donald Trump’s proposal to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts.

“It comes up everywhere,” Speirs said. “I think that’s the first thing people are thinking about.”…

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New Rehfeld’s Owner Reflects on First Year

Image Siouxfalls.Business

One year after taking over ownership of Rehfeld’s Art & Framing, Matt Jorgenson has made additions to the downtown gallery and is planning for more.

The Brandon native bought the Phillips Avenue art gallery and framing business from Larry Rehfeld. Jorgenson also owns 1948 Trading Co. in Brandon.

Jorgenson has added new gallery layouts and work from new local artists, as well as taken on community causes.

“We have an excellent tradition and, now more than ever, an energetic staff and culture ready to take on several new large commercial projects while also servicing individual customer framing of all materials and sizes,” he said. “We also want to have strong community involvement, starting with showcasing the region’s finest local photography and artwork.”

Rehfeld’s is helping coordinate a 1,000-piece art placement for the new Sanford Health hospital in Fargo and partnered with a fellow downtown business, JAM Art & Supplies, on events…

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Art show slated for Saturday

Talent from local artists will be on display in Dell Rapids.

Along with over a dozen registered adult artists, students from Dell Rapids High School and Dell Rapids St. Mary High School will feature art from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 6, at the Dell Rapids Museum.

“My favorite part about this show is I get to see all of this art from the community showcased in one place,” said organizer and artist Craig Kumerfield. “It’s really impressive.

Kumerfield is in his fourth year of organizing the event, and he said this year’s version has two new twists: the addition of performing artists playing their fiddles and the art from students.

Students from the classes of art teachers Rick Mott from Dell Rapids High School and Laura Drietz from Dell Rapids St. Mary High School will display their work.

“I’m excited to see what all the students from both schools come up with,” Kumerfield said.

Registered adult artists will include Karen Eddy, graphic design; Marcy Anderson, basket weaving; Rick Mott, oil painting; Evelyn Huntimer, acrylics on canvas; Bill Huntimer, wood carving; Justin Dearduff, art/sculpture; Karen Vietor, water color; Alice Chamley, a tribute to Dave Chamley’s paintings; Norene Frederickson, drawings, oil painting, and rosemaling; Solvieg Hendrickson, rosemaling; Hannah Welbig, oil painting; Jeremy, Derrick, and Becky Lindberg, drawings and other art; Kumerfield, photography; Betty Huss, a collection of art from past artists; and Elizabeth Johnson, fiber art…

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