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Washington Pavilion offering family events during holiday break

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) – Searching for some family activities to entertain your kids over the holiday break?


Look no further than the Washington Pavilion. From movies to science to art, the Kirby Science Discovery Center (KSDC) and the Visual Arts Center (VAC) are sure to keep your kids occupied with educational fun.


The pavilion will be showing “The Polar Express” at the Wells Fargo CineDome, and on Saturdays the KSDC will present special hands-on programming themed to the movie.

The VAC will also be offering an Art Scavenger Hunt.

And on New Year’s Eve, stop by the

Washington Pavilion for a balloon drop at 5 p.m. Prize-filled balloons will be dropped from the third floor of the KSDC.

Find more information about events over the holiday break on the pavilion’s website.

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‘Art for Arthritis: Turning Pain into Art’ event begins Friday in Sioux Falls

An event set for Friday in Sioux Falls is turning a painful disease into beautiful pieces of art.

“Art for Arthritis” pairs victims of juvenile arthritis with local mentor artists.

Artists’ works will be auctioned off Friday night to raise money in hopes of finding a cure. A mentor artist KSFY spoke with said she is grateful to be a part of this experience.

“Working with the children is awesome, I think I benefit more than they do because it’s just a humbling experience to see their creativity, see how they attack problems and experiment,” Kelly Tadlock said. “They look at things differently than adults do, so it’s just refreshing to see them grow and learn as artists.”

“Art for Arthritis’ also features dinner, a silent auction, and a diamond dig. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the program begins at 6 p.m. in the Startlight Room of the Holiday Inn in downtown Sioux Falls.

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New design for Sioux Falls Arc of Dreams

The Arc of Dreams, a massive sculpture that will soon span the Big Sioux River in downtown Sioux Falls, has a new look.

Sculpture Walk Sioux Falls released the new design of it’s art piece Wednesday. The Arc features two open stainless steel structures with a ribbon effect wrapped around each side.

The Arc design previous featured an two enclosed stainless steel structures.

The new design still includes an 18-foot gap at the center, 70 feet above the river. That gap represents the leap of faith dreamers take to see their dreams come true.

Dale Lamphere is the sculpture designer. He most recently completed work on Dignity, a 50-foot-tall statue that honors the culture of the Lakota and Dakota people.

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Sioux Falls Nights: Crafted With Pride

SDPB takes an inside look at the studios of Pride Neon, which for seventy years has been instrumental in shaping the look of Sioux Falls’ city streets. Pride has only employed three glass blowers over the course of those seventy years. Scott Johnson is one of them.

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Local Cartoonist Named Pavilion Visual Arts Director

Local artist and business owner Jason Folkerts is going to be the new director of the Washington Pavilion’s Visual Arts Center, the pavilion announced Friday.

You have probably seen Folkerts’ work around town. Folkerts, a Sioux Falls native, is a full-time artist and owns a business that specializes in cartooning, murals and live art. He has also been a youth pastor for over 20 years and wants to help bring in the next generation of artists, holding cartoon workshops at businesses and schools.

Folkerts hopes to increase the pavilion’s engagement with local education leaders, he said in a statement.

“I’m excited to approach this new journey with some key actions,” Folkerts said in a statement. “I’m looking forward to increasing community engagement and seeing more people visit. We want to be very innovative and take some risks – the idea is to get people to say ‘wow, we have to go experience that!’”

According to Folkerts’ website, he has written six original musicals, illustrated six children’s books, has drawn over 500 editorial cartoons and has done 140 murals for schools around the nation.

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Governor’s Mansion tours now featuring art by Harrisburg student

As the free summer tours at the Governor’s Mansion resume, First Lady Linda Daugaard is featuring Native American art from South Dakota artists, including a new painting by a Harrisburg student.

As of July 12, guests can view the oil painting of a Native American dancer by Mikki Brian, who was this year’s Western Governors’ Association art show winner from South Dakota.

Brian said the piece, titled “Golden Sky,” was inspired by her Lakota culture and her connection to South Dakota. After being on display at the Western Governors’ meeting in Montana last month, the Governor and First Lady brought the piece back to the state for display in the mansion during the month of July.

“Mikki’s painting is just beautiful,” Linda said in a press release. “If you haven’t toured the Governor’s Mansion before, I hope you will come see the home and this work of art for yourself.”

The free weekly tours at the South Dakota Governor’s Mansion began in June and continue through the end of August…

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Art Maze II

A broad-shouldered man’s silhouette uses a screwdriver to open a sewing machine, presenting for his minor audience the inner mechanical workings before a curtain closes as swifty as it opened.

Stark, black coated walls light up with neon splatter paintings, changing perceptions with a flicker of lights.

A 22-year old man wanders through a hallway covered in flashing, colored lights endlessly reflected by tinfoil covered walls.

This, is Art Maze II.

Last weekend, Sioux Falls artists gathered at Exposure Gallery & Studios to present a two-floor interactive series of installations, portraits, and paintings.

Roughly 40 local artists worked in collaboration to fill every hallway, studio and corner with creations, produced using graffiti, charcoal, photography, duct tape, performance art, and everything in between…

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Local artist sketching piece for 24 hours

One local artist is giving you the chance to see a massive art piece as it’s made.

Jason Folkerts has already started working on his drawing on the plaza outside of the KSFY Studio.

It is more than 20-feet long, and he will work on it for 24 hours straight.

“A year ago I thought about the idea,” he said. “I wanted to wrap it around something, I felt it was a good opportunity to help an organization in the community, so when this came around it was perfect to do it.”

Folkerts said the sketch will consist of around 120 of buildings from Sioux Falls and will be on display at the Washington Pavilion through July once it is completed.

Folkerts is sketching the piece in coordination with Serve Sioux Falls.

He is expected to finish the piece around noon Saturday.

If you would like to see more of Jason’s work, check out his website at the link attached to this post.

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‘Wacky, different’ downtown Art Maze is back

An ephemeral arts experience returns to downtown Sioux Falls for two nights this weekend, allowing visitors to lose themselves in the surroundings.

Art Maze II will take place at the L’Abri building, home of Exposure Gallery & Studios, on Friday and Saturday night from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

In January 2016, more than 4,000 people attended the inaugural Art Maze at the former DM&E building. The free-flowing, modern format of the show made the event appealing to a wide range of people.

“That’s Art Maze – it’s wacky, it’s different,” said Zach DeBoer, owner of Exposure Gallery. “The goal is just to show people that art and art shows don’t have to be boring, quiet affairs in a museum.”

Returning artist Cameron Stahlheim agrees: “It was awesome seeing so many people being exposed to artwork who would not normally have that opportunity.”

The popularity of the show and the networking that resulted encouraged DeBoer to organize a second Art Maze.

Artists are currently toiling away in their studios and in the space, getting their work ready for the show…

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Dakota Drag

Go behind the scenes with drag performers at Club David in Sioux Falls. Martina Shakers talks about drag motherhood, the mainstreaming of the art form and more.

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