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Why does this advertising agency have an art gallery inside its office?

Walk into Fresh Produce’s offices in downtown Sioux Falls, and you may start out a little confused. There’s no front desk, but there are some cubicles back there. And, is this an art gallery or something?

Yes. You’re standing in Ipso Gallery. The gallery as the advertising agency’s front door is exactly the point, immediately showcasing the firm’s creativity.

“We like that it’s the first thing somebody experiences when they come in and meet us,” said Ted Heeren, co-owner of Fresh Produce. “This is what we value — it’s putting our values right in front of our space. It’s the thing we care about most.”

Ipso Gallery has become a foundational part of Fresh Produce, serving as an inspiration and laboratory for creativity.

“It’s part of our culture,” said Mike Hart, Fresh Produce’s other co-owner.

But the gallery has become much more than a spur for the imagination. It has become a fixture in the local arts community and calling card for new businesses.

“For us, in our ethic, we talk a lot about everything connecting back to ideas, and I’ve heard a lot of clients and visitors making that connection” through the gallery, Hart said. “We’re able to show them we’re creative without telling them we’re creative. So I think that’s been a really powerful message. It’s the first thing they experience when they walk in our space.”

‘A disarming gallery’

Ten years ago, Heeren and Hart moved Fresh Produce from Brandon to Sioux Falls and decided to open a space with cubicles, offices and an art gallery that spill into each other.

They decided to call it Ipso, because it was a short word and fun to say – like “bingo” or “Murdo,” said Heeren…

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Young Sioux Falls artist recognized for work with endangered species

She is a Sioux Falls artist whose work is having a real impact worldwide and she is only in 5th grade.

Tonight at the Washington Pavilion, Bria Neff was awarded an engraved silver medallion by Prudential Insurance as at of their “Spirit of Community Awards”.
Bria paints pictures of endangered animals then sells them and gives the proceeds to groups working to save those species. To date, her work has raised $13,000. “I love to draw and paint so I thought I could do something that I love and help save endangered species.”

Another award; Bria is going to Washington D-C later this month to be recognized in the nation’s capitol. She also won $1,000.

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5-year pursuit toward Arc of Dreams culminates

The Arc of Dreams is going to happen.

The metaphorical leap of faith Jim Clark and Paul Schiller took when they set out to make Sioux Falls a premier destination for public art will pay off this week when work starts on the massive downtown sculpture.

Created by renowned South Dakota artist Dale Lamphere, the Arc of Dreams will span 280 feet from end to end – nearly the size of football field – across the Big Sioux River in the heart of the city and is expected to be a staple of the region’s art scene for years to come.

But for Clark, Schiller and other Sioux Falls SculptureWallk volunteers and staff, the Arc of Dreams and its design represent the spirit of the city and their journey to make the arc a reality.

A 15-foot gap in the middle of the massive stainless arc represents the risk and uncertainty that must be overcome when chasing dreams, ambitions and goals…

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Federal arts funding spared in budget bill

Once again, federal funding for the arts has been spared.

The $1.3 trillion budget signed Friday by President Donald Trump continues support for the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities and other agencies he sought to eliminate.

It’s the second straight year Congress restored funding in response to Trump’s calls for ending such programs as the NEH, the NEA and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The money is used for everything from scholarly research to local theater productions.

The NEH and NEA each will receive $3 million increases, to just under $153 million per agency. The CPB’s budget was kept the same, at $465 million. The Institute of Museum and Library Services is getting a $9 million increase, to $240 million.

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South Dakota arts leaders fighting for funding

Funding for the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra could be in jeopardy. President Trump is proposing eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts. A South Dakota Arts Council leader traveled to Washington to urge lawmakers to reject the president’s request.

“South Dakotans believe in the power of the arts,” says Jim Speirs, executive director for Arts South Dakota. Speirs is in Washington with a message for his lawmakers: reject President Trump’s 2019 budget proposal calling for elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts. The NEA provides roughly 150 million federal dollars to arts programs nationwide. Speirs says the funding is crucial to local groups, like the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra: “our national budget must reflect the values of our nation. And we know that Americans, specifically South Dakotans, believe in the arts.”…

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2018 Mayor’s Awards for the Arts Winners

via the Sioux Falls Arts Council

SIOUX FALLS, SD – (March 7, 2018) The Sioux Falls Arts Council will honor the recipients of the 2018 Mayor’s Awards for the Arts on Thursday, March 15th at Augustana University’s Humanities Center, 2001 S Summit Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57197, with a social hour starting at 6:00 pm and the awards presentation at 7:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

The Sioux Falls Arts Council is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Sioux Falls Awards in the Arts:


Robert Wendland received a degree in Theatre and another in Communication Studies from Augustana College in 2010. He now serves as the Dakota Academy of Performing Arts Coordinator, as well as the Artistic Director for The Good Night Theatre Collective. He has performed with Augustana Theatre, Bare Bodkins Shakespeare Company, Accidental Genius Theatre Company, South Dakota State University Theatre, Sioux Empire Community Theatre, Arlington Community Theatre, The Good Night Theatre Collective, and the Dakota Academy of Performing Arts. He has directed for DAPA at the Washington Pavilion’s youth productions and Plays for Living Troupe, Augustana College Theatrical Society, Sioux Empire Community Theatre, Arlington Community Theatre, and for his own local theatre company, The Good Night Theatre Collective.

Robert’s “commitment to theatre and his passion for the arts drive his students and co-workers to greatness. As a program facilitator, he has continued to choose shows that generate will provide an amazing experience for students as well as challenge them to grow in their craft. As a director, he has continuously provided a safe and exciting environment for children and adults alike to create incredible art.”


Doosook Kim is the Concertmaster of the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra and First Violinist of the Dakota String Quartet. Since she accepted the position of Concertmaster in 1995, Kim has appeared as a soloist for the SDSO, as a chamber musician, and as a music educator in South Dakota, the neighboring states, and abroad in Europe and Korea…


SculptureWalk welcomes fresh face, Sioux Falls native Cameron Stalheim

SculptureWalk is welcoming a fresh face to its lineup this year.

Sioux Falls artist Cameron Stalheim, 30, is busy prepping his statue “Persist” to be cast in bronze.

The art piece is one of 57 works being displayed in the 15th annual SculptureWalk, set to be installed downtown May 5.

“Being that this is my first time on the SculptureWalk, I wanted to make a piece with an impact to the community,” said Stalheim. “The piece is all about allowing yourself to be vulnerable.”

“Persist” is the first of three sculptures in a series showing the liberation of the subject. By the third sculpture, the cloth has been removed from the figure and he is finally free to be himself.

Stalheim is currently raising funds to cast the rather large piece in bronze, which will cost $15,000. When “Persist” is completed by BronzeAge Art Casting, the statue will be installed at the intersection of 10th Street and Phillips Avenue.

“It’s very exciting to be approved to be on ScultpureWalk, but then the reality hit for me. Now I actually have to make it and find the money to pay to make it,” said the artist…

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Artist and Sioux Falls native Merecedes Nelson sometimes can be M.I.A. for days at a time. But don’t worry, she’s probably in a dark room experimenting. The nature and music-inspired photographer owns DoeDeer Photography and is constantly inspired through road trips and seeing the beauty in things like the decaying. Intrigued? So was 605, so we chatted with Nelson to get to know her more, and to see what she does when she’s not documenting shows at Total Drag or prepping for her next gallery exhibit.

The meaning behind my business name… actually came from the title of one of my favorite songs from a band that meant a lot to me for a large part of my life. The song is called DoeDeer, and the band is called Crystal Castles. If you go look it up to listen to it, just be warned that it’s a little abrasive. But I love it for the chaotic feelings it evokes. Plus, I also love deer and alliteration, so…

My love for photography started… in high school. Especially my senior year. I begged my parents to buy me a DSLR (a “professional” digital camera) for my birthday at the end of my junior year. The next year I took a photography class…

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HERstory: Art exhibit at Vishnu Bunny to celebrate women

An art gallery downtown is taking a new spin on Women’s History Month.

Vishnu Bunny Tattoo will be displaying art by local women in their upcoming exhibit ‘HERstory,’ opening next Friday.

“It’s not the first time we’ve done a show like this, but it’s the first time we’ve done a specific female show,” said general manager Brian Gochal. “We’re just giving them the space they deserve.”

Work by 30-plus artists will be showcased, from sculpture and portraiture to paintings and collage. A reception will be held from 7 to 11 p.m. on First Friday, March 2, featuring two female DJs and the Minneapolis band The Betsies.

Leading up to HERstory, Vishnu Bunny is displaying the protest posters from the Sioux Falls Women’s March last month. Each poster is for sale for $10, with proceeds benefiting LEAD, a local organization aimed at engaging the community.

“From a Vishnu standpoint, from the beginning of the gallery portion of our business we wanted to allow all artists. Artists that might not necessarily get into a traditional gallery,” said Gochal.

To encourage new local artists, Vishnu Bunny coordinates group shows…

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11-year-old artist sells painting, uses money to save endangered species

Most times you hear stories about kids who get to meet their adult role models.

Tonight we’re introducing you to an 11-year-old Sioux Falls girl who just might inspire some adults with the work she has done and contiunes to do and it is getting noticed.

Lots of kids draw and paint.
But few of them paint with a passion like 11-year-old Bria Neff does. “i always loved painting and drawing and i love animals.”

Bria is in 5th grade.
About three years ago she entered some of her animal artwork in a contest sponsored by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.
A contest she won. But she earned something more than just bragging rights. Sshe learned that worldwide 3,000 species of animals are considered endangered and that’s when her artwork transformed from a pasttime to something with purpose. “I thought I could use my time and talents to showcase endangered species and their environmental challenges.”…

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