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Nail artist places at major competition

Sioux Falls nail artist Sheila Amrhien painted her way to top rankings in several categories at her first major competition.

Amrhien has been in the industry for 28 years and has owned Artistic Nails by Sheila for the past two decades. She returned from the recent Oregon Nail Expo, a national competition, with three trophies.

Her entries required 3-D nail art with a hero theme, stamping and chrome, and Swarovski crystals. Amrhein estimates she spent 80 hours on the entries, working on them nonstop after work and mounting them.

“The competitions in the nail industry are truly just a way to challenge our skills and strive to improve…

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‘Art with Heart’ event to benefit Children’s Home Society

“Art with Heart” is a Sioux Falls art studio’s way of raising awareness and money for good causes in the community.

The latest effort by Rehfeld’s Art and Framing is a benefit for the Children’s Home Society.

“They have a creative arts program that we are trying to raise some funds for,” owner Matt Jorgenson said. “Our artist for First Friday is going to be Brad Kringen. He has graciously donated the piece that you see before me as a raffle piece.”

One hundred percent of the raffle proceeds go to the Children’s Home Society.

The organization’s creative arts program helps kids going through a tough time enjoy more art and music opportunities…

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‘Best group of sculptures we’ve ever had:’ SculptureWalk celebrates 15 years

Downtown’s iconic SculptureWalk is celebrating 15 years this summer.

The outdoor art gallery has been a popular attraction on Phillips Avenue for both locals and tourists. This year, the walk features 57 sculptures from artists across the country and Canada.

“This one for sure is the best group of sculptures we’ve ever had,” said SculptureWalk executive director Jim Clark. “We’ve had really spectacular sculptures in the past, but as a group this year is the best.”

A brand-new SculptureWalk and Arc of Dreams Visitor Center sponsored by First Bank & Trust will open at the Washington Pavilion this month.

The exhibit, located on the second floor next to the Visual Arts Center, will provide information about the organization to curious travelers…

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Father-daughter 6,000-mile photography trip

Sioux Falls photographer Paul Heckel, 46, and his daughter Emma, 20, wanted to carve out a little father-daughter quality time this summer.

A simple plan for an overnight camping trip ballooned into a 6,000-mile, monthlong outdoor photography adventure, starting today.

“It’s a working vacation,” said Heckel, owner of Heckel Photography. “We share a passion for travel and shooting photos, so we’re heading to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the nation.”

Their first stop after leaving Sioux Falls is Badlands National Park. Then it’s on to Colorado, Utah and California, where they’ll hit Death Valley, the Sierra Nevadas, Sequoia National Park, San Diego, Los Angeles and Big Sur. The pair then heads north through San Francisco to Eureka and on to Oregon, Seattle, Idaho and through the Grand Tetons on their way back home…

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Butterfly art helps business take flight

When Brittany Veldkamp was growing up in Milwaukee, she used to visit a large museum with a huge collection of butterflies.

It led her to start collecting butterflies when she found them outdoors.

Years later, when she received a framed one as a gift, it inspired her to look for more pieces for her home.

“And I came across people selling just the dried insects unframed, so I decided to try it for myself,” said Veldkamp, a self-taught entomologist.

“I got compliments, and so I started selling on Etsy and then a few stores in Sioux Falls.”

She has expanded Wanderlust by Brittany to use a variety of butterflies and beetles to create framed pieces and jewelry.

“All my butterflies and insects are ethically sourced,” she said. “They’re not killed. They pass away naturally. It’s unique to see the different species and colors, and I’m constantly amazed discovering new butterflies.”

Her work will be for sale at Friday’s 605 Made Spring Market, sponsored by and located downtown at The First National Bank in Sioux Falls…

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Artists Show Off New Sculptures for 2018 SculptureWalk

It’s a new year of sculptures. 56 of them were installed in Downtown Sioux Falls Saturday morning for the annual SculptureWalk.

The sculptures are incredible to look at, but have you ever wondered who the artists behind the sculptures are?

Artists waited patiently to see their sculptures go up and now they’re ready to show them off to the community.

Sherri Treeby and Lee Leuning are no strangers to the Sioux Falls sculpture walk. They’ve been participating since the start and are especially excited for this years pieces for the 15th anniversary. They have two sculptures.

“Carmen Miranda, actually it’s ‘Carmen Marimba’ for the marimba drums. We love play on words,” said Leuning.

Their goal with their sculptures is to make them memorable as well as interactive.

“We want people to spend time. you know not just walk by,” said Leuning.

People are welcome to hit the drums on Carmin Murimba.

The other one is the newspaper delivery boy. They wanted it tell a story.

“Delivery boy, newspaper it’s the thing of the past but that was a huge part of Sioux Falls culture. That’s going to relate to some of the older and maybe be inspiring to some of the younger,” said Leuning…

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605 Magazine entered the 2018 Great Plains Journalism Awards, which is hosted by the Tulsa Press Club. The regional contest honors print, web, TV, and magazine journalists for outstanding stories, photography, and design.

There were over 600 entries this year, and the 605 team were named finalists in several categories. At the ceremony Friday, May 4 art director Liz Painter was awarded the Great Plains Magazine Photographer/Portfolio of the Year.

View Painter’s submitted portfolio below.

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Washington Pavilion unveils newly-renovated Raven Children’s Studio

The Washington Pavilion’s art studio has a fresh coat of paint and much more ready to welcome visitors.

The Visual Arts Center unveiled its newly-renovated Raven Children’s Studio on Thursday.

It is updated with a new look, equipment and opportunities for kids to explore their creativity.

“It was a wonderful space for kids already, but we felt it needed to be a bit more direct and purposeful,” Jason Folkerts, director of exhibitions and collections at the Washington Pavilion, said. “So when kids come in here now, we’ve created stations…

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Sioux Falls 11-year old honored for volunteering efforts

A Sioux Falls 11-year old is in Washington D.C. being recognized for her philanthropic efforts. Bria Neff is a home-schooled fifth grader from Sioux Falls. She is being honored for her efforts to create a better future for endangered species.

Bria Neff says she hopes her efforts eventually make the world a better place.

“A species goes extinct everyday that we don’t know about and I wanted to help save them,” said Neff.

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards honors youth volunteers from each state, grades five through 12, for service to community. Neff has spent more than 500 hours over the last three years fighting for animals through her art. Her brush strokes have raised over $14,000, which she donates to organizations that are working to paint a brighter future for these species.

“I first research some, then look up pictures, and I write about them. Then I draw them and paint them,” said Neff.

There is no doubt this Neff is a different breed. She has already crafted two coloring books. Her next plan is to publish a children’s book…

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Sioux Falls, S.D. — The Sioux Falls Arts Council will feature Lauren Anderson as March and April’s Featured Visual Artist.

Anderson says, “through a happy accident I have stumbled upon a new way of painting in which I only have begun to explore. This accident came in the form of coffee, which has become the basis of most of my mixed media paintings. It has been an unexpected realization that anything can be used to create art. I start in my paintings by using coffee to create general outlines. As the coffee dries I am left with wonderful and strange gradients. I then add many layers consisting of different mediums including conte, charcoal, graphite, watercolor, pastels. I like the idea of creating a piece that collages different mediums with different personalities. Each brings something new and exciting to the piece and results in a sort of time-capsule that preserves not just my mood but mediums from my surroundings. I primarily create these works abstractly. I am interested in how colors and shapes reflect such complicated concepts such as emotions and ideas. I am particularly gravitated towards abstract art for its intrinsic nature to be interpreted in an infinite amount of ways. I am fascinated by what others tell me they see, feel, think, and interpret from my work.”

Sioux Falls Imagined: A Cultural Plan for a Vibrant and Prosperous City, approved by the City of Sioux Falls in July 2014, named the Sioux Falls Arts Council as the organization given the charge of implementing the plan. From the Artists and Creative Workers task force findings, a strong need identified for the local art community was alternative exhibition space(s). The Featured Artist Exhibit at the Sioux Falls Arts Council office opened in May 2016 as a way to start filling this need.

The Sioux Falls Arts Council, located in the Crane Centre at 8th & Railroad 326 E 8thSt #106A, is open Monday-Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, First Fridays 5:00 – 7:00 pm, and by appointment.

Visit for more information.

The SFAC is wheelchair accessible from the back entrance of the Crane Centre.
Please notify in advance for any accommodations.

Please Contact:
Angelica Mercado
Communications and Program Coordinator
Sioux Falls Arts Council
605.271.6696 ext. 403

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