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Airport Adds Collection of Local Art

artinmediaA collection of work by local and regional artists will greet travelers passing through the Sioux Falls Regional Airport.

The unofficial art gallery will be installed in the next couple weeks. One signature piece installed recently called “Flights of Fancy” features glazed ceramic-tile mosaics by college professor Scott Parsons. It was one of nine pieces chosen to enhance the traveling experience in the newly reconfigured lobby area and elsewhere, said Dan Letellier, the airport’s executive director.

“We wanted to make it inviting and the central focus point for travelers and the family and friends there to greet them,” Letellier said. “We wanted to make it inviting, and for new people to the area, we wanted to let them know this is more than a prairie city and airport. We have a lot going on in the airport and a lot of great local artists.”…

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We were busy with KSFY

artinmediaDOWNTOWN SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – JAM Art & Supplies is a non-profit that resells unused or like-new craft and art supplies. The store is located at the corner of 6th Street and Phillips Avenue. The founder of the store, Jessica Anne Miller, joins KSFY Morning News to share some craft ideas on how to keep the kids busy when it’s so cold outside.

Miller is always looking for donations of supplies. A list of what they need can be found on their website, which is linked in the related links section in this article. If you’re interested in donating, you can drop off supplies at any time during the store’s business hours.

They opened two years ago in December of 2014, and the store features galleries, classes, workshops, art events and exhibitions.

They also offer perks for students and educators. Their goal is to give people the opportunity to have affordable art supplies who may not have the opportunity otherwise.



The Local Artist Joins KDLT In The Studio

artinmediaSome of the best artists in the Sioux Empire will soon have their work on display. Jeff from “The Local Artist” in Sioux Falls joins us with a preview of their latest issue.

The new issue is available Friday at the Washington Pavilion. Chad Nelson is one of the featured artists this month, Jeff tells us about his work.

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[The Local Artist Fall 2016 Issue is now available.]

Eastbank Consignment Artist Show

Consignment Artist Reception January 6, 5-8 PM

Join us for a awesome night of original creations by:
Robert Aldern
Marianne Larson
Jill Frederick
Cathleen Benberg
Steve Boint
Jerry Punt
Julie Punt
Carl Dulitz
Dan Hepner
John Peters

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Guest Artist Reception Friday, January 6 • 5-8PM

Artist Statement:artinmedia
My eyes have always been drawn to the horizon. I’ve watched clouds push from west to east since my earliest years on the family farm. Though I’ve long since left there – the images remain and I seek them out. I began including sheep in my landscapes and have continued because of the fun of modeling their forms with brightly colored shadows. There is so much more to them than white!…

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The World Inside Andrew Kosten’s Brookings Basement

“I’m a basement dweller,” says Andrew Kosten. And it’s true, literally. He does bank major dwell time in the basement studio of his Brookings home, cranking (again, literally) out intaglio vignettes from the world inside his head.artinmedia

From this world, strange, forlorn and fantastical characters conduit via pencil onto the pages of his many sketchbooks. Then his work begins. And work is his m.o.

“I’m always making, always working. I’m kind of the silent worker type, that’s just inherently who I am.”

Printmaking through the traditional etching method is a labor-intensive process.

“It’s a very physical process. That’s what I really love about the process is its physicality. That’s why I’ve chosen to make prints is I’ve been in love with the process since I first did it.”…

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What’s so interesting about “That’s Interesting”?

artinmediaIs there such a thing as art food? If a work of art is the objectification of an idea or set of ideas, can those ideas themselves manifest as objects? A new exhibition at the Ipso gallery in Sioux Falls may have an answer.

“That’s Interesting” asked a dozen local artists to curate the ontological art-Spam that fuels them toward creative fruition.

Ipso and Fresh Produce co-founder Ted Heeren (you might know him as Flowerman on a certain radio show) says “That’s Interesting” was “something we all talked about and what was interesting about it is the idea of celebrating — instead of what comes out of a creative process, showcasing what goes into a creative process, things that artists are curious about or the hobbies artist might have or the collections, the day-to-day, interesting things that artists do to satisfy their curiosity.”

Artist Kelsey Benson says the doll heads and transhuman objects in her installation are, “an outlet for me to have a sense of humor that transitions into my work in different ways….

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Art or advertising? Store cited for rogue mural

A code enforcement dispute between City Hall and a Sioux Falls business has officials thinking twice about a long-standing rule that prohibits murals that double as advertisements.artinmedia

The city zoning office this week informed owners of Elegant Mommy, a Sioux Falls retail store that markets products to new and expecting mothers, that a mural on its building violates a city ordinance restricting the amount of signage private businesses may use.

“On the side of Starbucks they can’t paint a mural that says come drink coffee,” said Jeff Schmitt, chief zoning official for the city of Sioux Falls.

In the case of Elegant Mommy, the mural features four rendering of mothers with their children and the store name and a description of the type of goods and services it offers. The problem is, the wall art depicts what’s taking place inside of the store, which makes it a sign, not a mural, according to city ordinance.

“Murals shall not contain any words or graphics advertising a business, product, or service,” the ordinance reads….

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Aloha from Sioux Falls

Aloha from Sioux Falls: Luthier Josh Rieck on the Art of Hand-Made Ukuleles and Other Stringed Things

Like so many artistically inclined Aberdeen-oes before him, as a young man Josh Rieck was fascinated by the intersections of utility and aesthetics.artinmedia

Filmmaker Bruce Baillie left the lakes and plains of Brown County for 1960s San Francisco and found his happy synergy of form and function among the crisscrossing pipelines of the Standard Oil refinery with his experimental film Castro Street.

Rieck stayed closer to home. At Northern State, then the Guitar Repair & Building program of Minnesota State College Southeast in Red Wing, he found his own Castro Street in the graceful curvature of an acoustic guitar or ukulele.

He studied the luthier’s craft, then brought it home with him to Aberdeen, opening a small custom instrument and repair shop called String Theory, while studying double bass performance at Northern State. Continuing his studies at USD, he found a luthier’s dream — an unlikely backyard well of inspiration, centuries deep, at the National Music Museum….

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John Banvard’s Brush with Success

artinmediaWhen John Banvard died in Watertown in 1891, newspapers throughout America and Europe ran his obituary, though it was hardly the kind of attention the town fathers might welcome. Most of the media wondered how it came to pass that one of the 19th century’s wealthiest and most renowned artists could die penniless in an American frontier town.

John Banvard achieved international success by fulfilling a boyhood dream of creating the largest painting ever. That might not seem like much of an accomplishment, but when completed, his Mississippi Panorama stood 12 feet high and stretched 3 miles in length. Known to the world as The Three Mile Painting or Banvard’s Grand Panorama of the Mississippi, Banvard’s canvas depicted nearly 3,000 miles of riverbank, from the mouth of the Yellowstone River on the upper Missouri all the way to New Orleans.

In marking his passing, the Watertown paper printed that Banvard was, “one of the greatest men the world ever saw, and by his genius and skill has made himself so famous that his name will go down in history as such.”

That prophecy proved less than accurate; as a matter of fact, Banvard’s name is scarcely known today…

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That’s Interesting – Opening at Ipso Gallery

Ipso Gallery will host an art reception on Friday, November 4 at Fresh Produce from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. That’s Interesting is a group show that takes a sideways look at several artists’ creative processes.artinmedia

An exercise in creative reverse engineering, That’s Interesting challenges participating artists to curate a display of items that serve as catalysts to their creative process. From seemingly arbitrary found objects to meticulously collected curiosities, each display is a glimpse into a unique world of inspiration.

Call it a pre-art show. Call it an examination of process. Call it anything but boring.
That’s Interesting includes collections from Gail Anderson, John Banasiak, Diana Behl, Kelsey Benson, Jim Groth, Ted Heeren, Bernie Hunhoff, Amy Jarding, Altman Studeny, Marc Wagner, John Boylan, Mary Groth…

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