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New pieces installed Saturday for 2017 SculptureWalk

This year’s SculptureWalk is expected to be big, literally and figuratively. Fifty-six sculptures will be on display in Downtown Sioux Falls, at the University of Sioux Falls and the Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center. All of the sculptures are valued at $1.2 million.

The tallest sculpture this year is 18 feet tall. Artists from 21 different states have a piece in this year’s display. Originally, 180 sculptures were submitted for this year’s display, but a volunteer team of eight business leaders, artists and art patrons narrowed it down to 56.

The volunteers look for sculptures ranging from abstract to whimsical with something for everyone to enjoy. After the sculptures are chosen, the art is then looked at to find out where the best place is to put each one. It all depends on the size, variety, site, and pedestals on where to place the sculptures in downtown.

The SculptureWalk started in 2003. This year, seven of the artists in this year’s display are from South Dakota. The new sculptures will be installed Saturday.

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Terry Redlin Unfinished Art Displayed For First Time Ever

It’s been a year since famed artist and Watertown native Terry Redlin passed away. Never before has one of his paintings been showcased unfinished, until now.

Redlin retired from painting in 2007 after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. His family found three unfinished pieces of art in his studio.

“There were three paintings in particular we knew he was working on as a set,” Julie Ranum, Executive Director of the Redlin Art Center said, “this is an opportunity to see Terry’s process. An opportunity to imagine what he may have added next. So its truly a special gift. One that he left behind for us and one that we are delighted to share.”

The three paintings are all in various stages and will be displayed at different times to commemorate the life of the late artist.

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Bria Neff’s Earth Day Art Reception

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- We brought you multiple stories of 10-year-old Bria Neff, who helps saves endangered animals and species, which she’s still doing.

However, in honor of earth day today Bria invited kids to do some chalk drawings on the sidewalk as part of the Truffula Tree project inspired by Dr. Seuss’s book the Lorax.

Bria says the project helps empower kids to find their inner artist. She also sold some of her newest art pieces at Coffea Roasterie.

Bria says her goal is to raise 15 thousand dollars by the end of the year to help organizations that help endangered species.

She has raised ten thousand so far and she says when it comes to saving the planet and animals we all have a role to play.

“We all have a right to live on this planet and everybody is important and everybody has a role to play in the world, “says Neff.

She plans to donate the money to IFAW, Jane Goodall Institute, and the New York Wolf Conservation Center.

To donate to Bria’s cause visit her Facebook page or website.

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Families create art together

The Brandon Elementary School cafeteria was packed with students and families from Brandon Elementary School and Valley Springs Elementary School Thursday, March 23, for fine arts experiences as part of Fine Arts Night 2017.

Students screen-printed T-shirts, created objects out of clay, designed mini paintings or flags, watched a caricature artist at work, played African drum rhythms and more, according to a press release.

Students and parents worked together as a family, said Erin Rieff, a kindergarten through fourth-grade teacher at Brandon Elementary School and Valley Springs Elementary School.

“My favorite part of the night is seeing the parents sit down with their kids to enjoy uninterrupted creative time together,” she said. “Visual Art fires parts of the brain that we need to nurture more often. These kiddos are 21st-century learners, and they need to observe, explore, create, communicate, collaborate, lead, critically think, organize and problem solve. Art is an environment where they are nurtured to develop all of these skills. It is amazing to see parents supporting their kids at an event like this.”…

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Visual arts alive and well at DRHS

With more than 80 students enrolled in fourth-quarter classes, the high school art room is a busy place during the school day.

This April and May will also prove to be busy months for art students as advanced students prepare for two student shows in May. On May 6, the Dell Rapids Museum – under the direction of show organizer Craig Kumerfield – has invited students to display their art work at a community show.

Part of the show is open to adult artists, who will be also displaying their work.

Altogether, it sounds like a great community event, and we look forward to showing you all what we can do. We hope that you will stop down to the museum on Saturday, May 6, and take a look at our work.

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Sioux Falls Kindergartners Help Kids Through Artwork

A couple classes from Sonia Sotomayor Elementary School took a field trip to the Sanford Castle today.

They drew pictures that will be hung up in the Sanford Castle. There are five different outdoor themes for the pictures including, “enchanted forest”, “deep blue waters”, and “wide windy prairie.”

The artwork gives sick children something to look at and enjoy while they are staying at Sanford.

“I think that’s going to really help out with the kids who are in the hospital knowing that other kids are thinking about them and wishing them well. And then these kids knowing that they did something that’s potentially going to uplift a child in the hospital. It’s kind of a win-win,” said Jessie Park the Sanford Arts Program Coordinator.

The 10 best drawings from the five themes will be put on display in the Castle and the rest of the art will be given to the patients.

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Sioux Falls Arts Council Unveils 2017-18 Action Plan

Sioux Falls, S.D. –Three months after a new Executive Director took the helm of the Sioux Falls Arts Council, it has laid out an action plan charting a fresh course for the organization.

This plan distinguishes it as an entity that specializes in arts coordination and public accessibility rather than a programming entity that creates arts experiences from scratch.

This role is consistent with nationally recognized models for mid-size city arts councils such as Cambridge, MA and Asheville, NC which Executive Director Kara Dirkson says Sioux Falls is ready for. “Gone are the days when the arts council is needed to create arts experiences for residents; today our city is full of artistic and cultural vibrancy. Our proverbial arts train is moving–it’s time for the Sioux Falls Arts Council to help lay the tracks and get the public on board.”

The Arts Council’s action plan emphasizes eliminating barriers to the arts for community members, facilitating communication within the arts and cultural community, assisting and sponsoring other arts organizations and, down the road, coordinating a community-wide celebratory arts event that generates tourism and related economic traffic for Sioux Falls.

First on the action plan is the creation of the SFAC Consortium which will be made up of three groups of stakeholders from the arts community: representatives from small to mid-size arts organizations and businesses, individual artists and larger anchor arts organizations.

“Our community is full of wonderful opportunities to experience arts and culture,” says Sioux Falls Arts Council Board President Sandra Pay. “However, the arts community lacks a collective voice that would empower it to sit at the table with civic and business organizations, and with the City of Sioux Falls. We hope to provide that.”

The Arts Council’s action plan is rooted in Sioux Falls Imagined: A Cultural Plan for a Vibrant and Prosperous City, the community’s formal Cultural Plan, adopted on July 1, 2014 by the City Council. The Sioux Falls Arts Council is responsible for implementing this long-term plan which is a blueprint for economically and culturally growing our community through the arts.

“The Sioux Falls Arts Council exists to serve our entire community through support of the arts,” Dirkson says, “we need to start by organizing and coordinating the arts community so we can make that happen.”

Visit for more information on the SFAC’s action plan and the Cultural Plan.

Contact: Sioux Falls Arts Council
Sonia Hernandez, Communications and Program Coordinator
605.271.6696 ext. 403
Kara Dirkson, Executive Director

Arc of Dreams: Helping the sculpture come to life

Building a sculpture that will stand approximately 70 feet tall with 150 foot-wide arches is no easy task alone.

Dale Lamphere is building the Arc of Dreams with two welders, Andy Roltgen and Grant Standard, in his studio outside of Sturgis.

“‘You can’t rush fine art,’ that’s a quote we use up here often,” Roltgen said. ” You’ve got to give it your all, you’ve got to put everything you’ve got into it.”

“It’s precision work for sure,” Standard said. “It can be really challenging at times, but also really rewarding.”

The Arc of Dreams will be installed over the Big Sioux River in downtown Sioux Falls later this year.

KSFY is proud to be the official media partner of the Arc of Dreams project.

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An “Artrageous” Night at Brandon Elementary School

The night, officially called “Artrageous” is dedicated to getting students engaged and experimenting with different types of art.

From screen printing to mini paintings and clay creations, they got to try it all.

Brandon graduate turned artist Chuck Bennis says especially in this day in age and political climate getting anyone and everyone engaged in art is extremely important.

“for kids and adults, those that are creative and know how to express themselves are more employable, and they are just all around better people. You know, you think of your friends that are just those creative fun people and we want a whole world of artists!” said Bennis.

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