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An Ear to the Ground #18

Sloppy Problem

[Urs Fischer – Sloppy Problem, 2013]

Sloppy Problem; Real Problem

The Power Complex of Appropriation : Is Richard Prince a Thief

This is a very poignant article/interview to read, discussing the current debacle of Richard Prince stealing the work of Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #18

An Ear to the Ground #17

New Short Fiction: The Alaska of Giants and Gods by Dave Eggers

The New Yorker

The New Yorker has published a new short story by Dave Eggers, who wrote A Heart Breaking Work of Staggering Genius, and more recently A Hologram for the King as well as the founder of Mcsweeny’s an independent publishing company and Believer Magazine.

Most of Dave Eggers endeavors are brilliant and come from a place of Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #17

An Ear to the Ground

[T Wei – Untitled]

New book released for all you illustrators out there from PictoplasmaCharacter Portraits is a collection of works by a giant group of artists and illustrators. Here is  great byline for the book created by its inceptors: “In our postdigital culture, fantasy and imagination take a back seat to the photographic spectacle. As a visual antidote to the current craze for saccharine pet pictures and selfies ad nauseam, international illustrators, graphic designers and artists confront us with a stunning new generation of imaginary character portraits that hold us in the grip of their gaze.” Continue reading An Ear to the Ground

An Ear to the Ground #15


[Iv Solyaev – Untitled]

Gulu Real Art Studio: Found Photograph book by Martina Bacigalupo Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #15

An Ear to the Ground #14

[Carsten HollerUpside Down Mushroom Room]

Giving Kids LSD Since 1980: Carsten Holler’s Shroom Room

Carsten Holler is back with another life reversing installation at the Gagosian Gallery booth at Frieze in London. I wish I could attend this one. I am always attracted to large exhibits that separate viewers from reality.

Ant Man Strength:  Shanghai’s Migrant Workers

“Shanghai’s migrant workers are the foundation of Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #14

An Ear to the Ground #13

[Korehiko Hino]

Article in the New York Times about appreciating art and giving the work the time it needs to truly make an impact on yourself.

The Best way to take in art: Breathe in and slow down

“When you go to the library,” said James O. Pawelski,  Director of Education for the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, “you don’t walk along the shelves looking at the spines of the books and on your way out tweet to your Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #13

An Ear to the Ground #11

Traces: Do Ho Suh

do ho suh exhibits large-scale rubbings at lehmann maupin

Do Ho Suh is an amazing purveyor of memory and material. His new works are life size rubbings of entire rooms. Yes, that technique you used when you were a child to record textures with crayons. This new work is an interesting mix of nostalgia and trace. The link I provided is to an interview on artnet, where Do Ho Suh discusses his recent works. I would also recommend diving into Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #11

An Ear to the Ground #10

Time Travels in the Internet-O-Sphere:

As an Artist I am always looking at new trends and new ways to communicate because I see art at its absolute in its intent to communicate. Trends often show you ways to communicate that travel fast and are taken in by the most recipients. Mass culture has a way of spreading ideas fast and it often times has nothing to do with whether the content is good or bad, but how its packaged.

Memes, social media, spam, and email are all ways we collectively exchange information; we often take part in these exchanges more than traditional modes. My posts are fascinated by these modes and I would argue to not scoff at the kitschy side of the internet. Information Theory is a very interesting mathematics theory that often gets used in art and language. Information Theory speaks to the idea that the more convoluted the idea the more the chance for misinformation to be processed or static in the signal.

Let me try to phrase this so we can move on. A simple idea communicates as thus, a clear signal. It is hard to misinterpret. But if we expand the idea, fog rolls in and you lose sight of its true intent. You might see a car, but in fact through the fog it’s a truck; this misinformation could be deadly in some cases (anti-vaccination rhetoric, for example). So my truth that I am trying to share is that sometimes memes can be useful, and sometimes a selfie is informative (lets look past the posturing of the ideal self). -Eli


[Hito Steyerl – How Not To Be Seen]

A brilliant theorist and a very heavy read: Once Again, Hito Steyerl Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #10

An Ear to the Ground #9

Your New Muse: Walking for Inspiration

I always heard that taking hot showers helped you think, increasing blood flow and encouraging synapses in your brain to fire off but in this article from the New Yorker by Ferris Jabr, he extolls the beauty of walking in coaxing inspiration to our conscious levels.

[Dave Whyte – Hexagon Ripple]

Addicted to the Score: Stepping Out by David Sedaris 

In this short story David Sedaris gets addicted to his fitbit score. An interesting throwback to the Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #9

An Ear to the Ground #8

Your New Best Friend: Somebody app

Miranda July has a new app and short film out. The film is great per usual for one of the smartest working artists right now. Her app is a mix between social networking and performance, intimacy and and comradery. A perfect app for our current times. Here is the film, please watch, it will be a great uplift to your day.

The world is filled with nervous breakdowns: Difficult Girl

New short story by Lena Dunham, I shouldn’t have to say more than that.

[Pablo Picasso – Guernica]

Something Needs to Change : Illegitimate by Dread Scott

A poignant and strong response to the Ferguson situation. My vote goes to the Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #8