Art by Carly: An Inspiring Interview

On April 24th, JAM Art and Supplies set out for our first of many interviews in our Inspired Interview series. Representing JAM for this project will be three of our board members: interviewer Amy Jarding, photographer Katie Farritor, and fearless leader and founder Jess Johnson to oversee the whole process. We are incredibly excited to partake in this adventure and look forward to connecting with the talented artists in our community. Everyone has a story to tell, and valuable input to offer. We hope these interviews will encourage exposure for the artists involved, and serve as an invitation to start your own conversation with someone. Strive to connect with your peers; we all are so very dear.
For this interview, we met with local painter Carly Zebell at her cozy downtown apartment in Sioux Falls. Carly graduated from South Dakota State University in 2010, and is an active participant in Artists Against Hunger. Although Carly got her BA for graphic design, she primarily focuses on Continue reading Art by Carly: An Inspiring Interview

An Ear to the Ground

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 Hi, This is my first post for JAM, this will be a weekly reoccurring post of the best articles and stuff I find around the internet. -Eli Show

Old readings of artistic wisdom:

Boris Groys – Comrades of Time

First is from one of my favorite writers of culture and art, dense but brilliant. Groys writes on the concept of being contemporary and states of contemporary art. Again this one is pretty dense, and it took me a few reads to fully take this one in but afterwards you are left with a good question to answer, which in my opinion is one of the best ways to approach art making.

Current topics in art: Continue reading An Ear to the Ground

Five Sioux Falls Instagrammers You Should Follow

I don’t follow everyone in Sioux Falls on Instagram, so I can’t say this list is the end all-be all but, according to my eyes scrolling through my feed: here are my favorite Sioux Falls Instagrammers.

Continue reading Five Sioux Falls Instagrammers You Should Follow


It’s easy to forget the calm that a cool wind brings. Walking around downtown on First Friday, I was ever met with the soft lull of my surroundings. That inner peace that an unassuming wind brings can lead one to letting their thoughts float—letting their eyes close. That evening, I found myself giving Continue reading FIRST FRIDAY REVIEW – JUNE 6TH

Wrapping Up Our First Supply Drive


Yesterday concluded the first ever JAM Art and Supplies’s Supply Drive. We were collecting beads, rubber band bracelet making materials, and t-shirt decorating supplies for the Children’s Inn. The Children’s Inn is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1977 that provides 24 hour, free services for women and children who are victims of family violence, elder abuse, child abuse, neglect, or sexual assault.

I dropped off two heavy boxes filled with more beads then I could of imagined and other craft supplies; these boxes will help fill the time for mothers and children who are seeking shelter from abuse with the pleasure that can only come from using ones hands and being creative.

When I dropped off the boxes, Staci, the woman in charge of donations gave me a tour of the high security shelter. I was impressed with the stock piles of commodities that they offer to the guests to ensure they have all the things they need while they’re away from home. Some of the women and children leave the abusive situation without much more than the clothes on their backs. They have clean socks, under garments, and clothes for every size.

I asked what things they need most right now and Staci said they’re always in need of luggage and cereal.

If you would like to make a donation to the Children’s Inn, here is a link to their donation page. Or, if you would like to learn more about JAM’s Supply Drives contact us!

At our First Board Meeting…the Mission Launched

A week ago today was our first board meeting. I meant to write about this sooner, but between helping curate the Art vs Appliance show and having a baby with a fever, I haven’t gotten around to it. I hope you’re not too upset.

Every member of JAM, except Ryan, our lawyer on board, was at the meeting.

I started off by making sure everyone knew our mission:

1. To get art and craft supplies into the hands of people that will use them

2. To create a community via Inspired Interviews (more information to come!) and First Friday Reviews

3. To be a source of information for the Sioux Falls art community

Currently, our biggest challenge is getting the art supplies into the hands of the artists. Someday we’ll have a store front, but for the next year or two we’ll just have to be crafty (ha ha). Don’t worry though; we have a few ideas up our sleeves.

The first way we’ll get art supplies into the hands of people that will use them is to just hand them over. On June 6th we have a supply drive collecting art supplies at a clothing store and gallery. From 6-10 on that First Friday you can drop off your donation of art and craft supplies and see the pop-up Darling Vintage clothing line at Elofson. We will be donating art supplies from this drive to the Children’s Inn. We will be collecting and gifting larger beads that will be for toddlers, plus small beads and supplies for Native beading. Also, in addition to beads, Children’s Inn is in need rubber bands for bracelets and supplies to make 4th of July tie-dye shirts. What a great opportunity to help some kids enjoy their holiday!


I’m really excited to get this first project underway, so I’m going to cut this blog post short. But—I’ll let you know that the board meeting left me feeling energized. I’m feeling positive about our Board of Directors. And, we have exciting news about our blog… Stay tuned!

First Friday Review- May 2nd

Mayrathon – A JAM Packed First Friday

With warm weather comes rebirth. A renewal of foliage, friendships, ideas, hopes—a sense of affirmation. Winter has ended and this city has begun to stretch its ready little toes into the social spheres of summer. Last Friday left me proud and inspired! This town is bursting with Continue reading First Friday Review- May 2nd

Why you Should Attend the Pop-up Art Party at Sioux Falls Used Appliance Store

Art vs Appliance May 2nd officialIt’s happening! It’s finally happening! The weather is slowly prying itself away from winter’s tightly clenched fist and becoming nice enough for us to all get out and enjoy each other. Conversations with friends can finally diverge from griping about the cold to sharing excitement about the new opportunities of spring! The month of May will be rung-in full force, filled with plenty of chances for interacting with your community!

Now, it seems like the upcoming First Friday in May is filled with more than enough art receptions, but I must say, Art v Appliance is definitely not one to miss… And I’m not just saying that because I’m showing my art there. In addition to me, there are nine other artists! NINE!

A big reason you shouldn’t miss this show is because Continue reading Why you Should Attend the Pop-up Art Party at Sioux Falls Used Appliance Store

Moving Forward: DEB KLEBANOFF on the Retreat at Pointer’s Ridge

If you have been privy to the drama and politics of the Sioux Falls art scene, you know Deb Klebanoff. If you’re like me, and you kind of just started paying attention, you still might know her. But, If you’re young, or new to the art world of Sioux Falls, you probably don’t.

When I started getting the word out about JAM Art & Supplies Deb sent me an email asking if I already had the paperwork in for 501(c)3, nonprofit status. Honestly, it made me feel uncomfortable. I felt like I had to defend myself, “Currently, Continue reading Moving Forward: DEB KLEBANOFF on the Retreat at Pointer’s Ridge

First Friday – April 4th

Finding Clarity in Community

This past First Friday I had the pleasure of battling a hellacious head cold, so I chose to keep my attendance to two receptions for the evening. Notepad and tissues in tow, I first headed to Monks House of Ale Repute to check out the “Skulls and Beers” reception for Les Cotton and Marc Wagner. This collection featured drawings and prints of all things cool: Continue reading First Friday – April 4th

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