Why you Should Attend the Pop-up Art Party at Sioux Falls Used Appliance Store

Art vs Appliance May 2nd officialIt’s happening! It’s finally happening! The weather is slowly prying itself away from winter’s tightly clenched fist and becoming nice enough for us to all get out and enjoy each other. Conversations with friends can finally diverge from griping about the cold to sharing excitement about the new opportunities of spring! The month of May will be rung-in full force, filled with plenty of chances for interacting with your community!

Now, it seems like the upcoming First Friday in May is filled with more than enough art receptions, but I must say, Art v Appliance is definitely not one to miss… And I’m not just saying that because I’m showing my art there. In addition to me, there are nine other artists! NINE!

A big reason you shouldn’t miss this show is because Continue reading Why you Should Attend the Pop-up Art Party at Sioux Falls Used Appliance Store

Moving Forward: DEB KLEBANOFF on the Retreat at Pointer’s Ridge

If you have been privy to the drama and politics of the Sioux Falls art scene, you know Deb Klebanoff. If you’re like me, and you kind of just started paying attention, you still might know her. But, If you’re young, or new to the art world of Sioux Falls, you probably don’t.

When I started getting the word out about JAM Art & Supplies Deb sent me an email asking if I already had the paperwork in for 501(c)3, nonprofit status. Honestly, it made me feel uncomfortable. I felt like I had to defend myself, “Currently, Continue reading Moving Forward: DEB KLEBANOFF on the Retreat at Pointer’s Ridge

First Friday – April 4th

Finding Clarity in Community

This past First Friday I had the pleasure of battling a hellacious head cold, so I chose to keep my attendance to two receptions for the evening. Notepad and tissues in tow, I first headed to Monks House of Ale Repute to check out the “Skulls and Beers” reception for Les Cotton and Marc Wagner. This collection featured drawings and prints of all things cool: Continue reading First Friday – April 4th

Exposing Exposure: 3 Unexpected Reasons You Should Donate to Exposure

1. First of all, yes, Exposure dropped off the face of Phillips Avenue without notice last time, but that part of Phillips Avenue The L'abri buidling on 6th and Phillips, Sioux Falls. A photo from the Argus Leader of their new location way back in 1927 when it was known as the Andrew Kuehn Warehouse.is becoming old hat. I’ve noticed. And you have definitely noticed that “Phillips to the Falls” has really vamped up the North end of downtown. This includes the building that Exposure would like to move into, the L’abri building. You probably didn’t know Continue reading Exposing Exposure: 3 Unexpected Reasons You Should Donate to Exposure

Meet Our Board of Directors

I have never started a nonprofit before, and it’s a little nerve racking, but I feel much better standing with this team. Our Board of Directors is ready to take on this project to provide unique space and art supplies to Sioux Falls artists. Without further ado, and in alphabetical order, I present to you the JAM Art & Supplies Board of Directors. Continue reading Meet Our Board of Directors

Have Tos and Have Dones

Getting JAM Art & Supplies into an actual retail space is the ultimate goal. But, everyday I have to commit myself to little goals. I’m sure you all deal with this in your lives too. 

This week I have to fill out the “Articles of Incorporation” form to mail off our application to the Secretary of State so we can become Continue reading Have Tos and Have Dones

First Friday – March 7th

Like most First Fridays in Sioux Falls, this past Friday was full of plenty of options for entertainment in the arts world. Due to the variety, I ultimately was forced to narrow down my choice of events in order to make time to properly enjoy each one.

I began my evening at IPSO Gallery at Fresh Produce to view “Mythology and a Little Bit of Science,” a solo exhibition by Bryan Holland. Holland fuses Continue reading First Friday – March 7th

A Short Assessment of Inventory

Today my sister helped me organize the donations JAM received over the weekend. My grandmother gave us a whole lot of antique buttons, paper, drawing and painting supplies. Nell passed on craft supplies from years worth of bein’ crafty and a crayon maker. And, Mary, who’s cleaning out her junk room to welcome a Continue reading A Short Assessment of Inventory

Donations We Accept


Artificial flowers

Baby food Jars


Books (art-based only)

Boxes-fashion or gift

Brown grocery bags




Calendars with photos




Cigar boxes

Coffee cans

Corks or corkboard

Crepe Paper

Die-cuts of any kind


Egg cartons

Envelopes (preferably w/out letterhead)

Fabric especially polar fleece,felt,velvet,fake-fur, and burlap

Fake fur fabric


Film Canisters

Flexible foam materials

Foam core



Gift bags



Greeting Cards (unused)

Grocery bags

Hats and other party favors

Jewelry and jewelry supplies



Like-new art supplies for adults /children

Magazines (art-based only)

Magic markers

Magnets or magnetic materials

Mat board

Metal Tins

Micarta chips


Mylar of all kinds

Natural materials such as seashells, pine cones, or rocks

Ornate throw-aways

Papers of all kinds, colors, and sizes

Paper clips

Paper towel rolls

Paper sample books



Photo slides

Pine Cones

Plastic bottles or other containers

Polar Fleece Fabric

Oatmeal containers



Scrapbook papers



Sewing Notions like thread, zippers, velcro, buttons, etc.

Silk Flowers

Slide holders

Stained glass


Stock books


Tag board

Tapes of all kinds

Tennis balls


Tissue paper

Transfer materials

Transparent materials

Tubes (not thick rimmed ones)

Unusual scrap

Upholstery samples


Wallpaper books (not rolls)


Wood scraps of uniform size and shape




for Sioux Falls Artists