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Creativity From Confinement art show sparks conversation

Creativity From Confinement is a collection of arts by South Dakota prison inmates.

“This is an inmate art show that is here to really catalyze a conversation about prison reform,” said Lawrence Diggs, the Buddhist Chaplain at the prison and the Liaison for the artists and gallery.

Tomorrow evening from six to eight, the art gallery in Aberdeen will be filled with people discussing ways to reform the prison system.

Lawrence Diggs is a Buddhist Chaplain at the prison here, he’s worked hard to make this event possible…

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Writers of the Iron Road

As an art form, graffiti on freight trains evokes a wide range of responses. Some consider graffiti writers vandals, others amass photos of work by their favorite artists. One objective reality about freight train graffiti that it is illegal. On the other hand, many large companies and municipalities now hire artists with a pedigree in illegal graffiti to do commissioned murals. Rarely, a writer’s trajectory could lead to commercial success, more often it can lead to fines and jail time.

Another given about train graffiti is that it does travel, and as such might be some of the most widely viewed art work in the nation, reaching people — if only peripherally —  who may never set foot in an art gallery. As a rural state, South Dakota may not exactly be a hotbed of graffiti, but encountering work by an urban artist in the isolated butte country of Harding County shows how built-to-roll these works really are.

Wakinyan Chief is a former graffiti artist. Your SDPB Arts & Culture correspondent caught up with him as he was spray painting an installation in Rapid City’s art alley. The alley, and his piece, is sanctioned by the city. But growing up in Chico, California, Chief got his start doing illegal graffiti…

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Arc of Dreams: Downtown Sioux Falls Sculpture Only Months Away

In a matter of months a project that will change the landscape of downtown Sioux Falls will be finished.

Many of us may not realize just what an accomplishment the Arc of Dreams will be. The dream child of a small group of men wanted to provide something special for a city they call home.

A piece of metal from a sculpture that will stand six stories tall and span the length of a football field. The Sculpture walk’s Jim Clark brought it to show us just how substantial this project is.

South Dakota artist Dale Lamphere is creating the Arc in Denver. The finishing touches will be applied at Dale’s home base in Sturgis, then trucked to Sioux Falls when it’s time to assemble it.

Since the project began five years ago, the Arc has undergone six different design changes and four wind tests. It’s not just a work of art.

“It’s an engineering marvel…

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Sioux Falls photographer to help document NASA SpaceX launch

A social media post led Sioux Falls photographer Wes Eisenhauer to a dream assignment: The chance to document an upcoming NASA SpaceX launch.

“This opportunity initially came on my radar through a twitter post that NASA made saying they were looking for people that were active on social media to come document the SpaceX launch,” Eisenhauer said.

“Someone tagged me in the post saying I would be a good fit and that I should apply.”

His application process included sharing some of his work at Wes Eisenhauer Photography, linking to his social media accounts and showing his website,

It likely helped that he’s a self-described lover of astrophotography…

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Art Moms opens for holiday season

The pop-up boutique Art Moms is back for another holiday season.

The store at 3101 W. 41st St. is in the same location as last year, but this year features more vendors. Handmade items from more than 40 artists are available.

Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. the following dates: Nov. 16-17, Nov. 23-24, Nov. 28-30, Dec. 1, Dec. 5-8 and Dec. 12-23.

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November – December, 2018
Downtown Public Library, Sioux Falls


Graphic designer to open shop, boutique in Hartford

Downtown Hartford is gaining another retailer.

Amy Hallem, who started Modish Designs & Boutique out of her home two years ago, is moving into a former taxidermy space on Main Avenue. She’ll be not far from Buffalo Ridge Brewing, which also opens next month.

“I’ve been operating out of a room in my house and most of the garage, and it spilled over into the family room and the basement,” Hallem said. “It was just time to make the move.”

The graphic designer creates logos and marketing materials for businesses and does full screen-printing and embroidery on apparel for customers. She has expanded into creating her own line of casual wear that features sayings such as “Faith Over Fear,” “Blessed Mama” and “Life’s Better on the Farm.”…

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Love cake? Love art? Join the Cake Parade

A downtown Sioux Falls art space regularly comes up with unique installations. But this one takes the cake.

Ipso Gallery at Fresh Produce is presenting a one-day-only art and culinary collaboration on Nov. 9: Cake Parade.

The gallery has paired five artists and five bakers to work together on a total of 10 pieces, cakes and artworks, to highlight the process-heavy techniques involved in both baking and art-making.

Baker-artist pairings for Cake Parade:

  • Kristine Jackson (Queen City Bakery), Mary Groth
  • Adam Rau (Looks Meat Market), Johntimothy and Patti Pizzuto
  • Allie Sydow (Josiah’s), Mark Stemwedel
  • Sarah Langenfeld (M.B. Haskett), Anthony Millette
  • Brenda Murtha, Erin Murtha

At the show, patrons will collect free color-coded tickets to get a taste of one of the five cakes. And at the end of the night, five attendees will each win a cake.

The Ipso Gallery is housed within advertising agency Fresh Produce. The gallery unique offerings included last year’s Ka-Chunk, a show providing original artworks via vending machines. …

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Bear piece made of forks, knives earns Sculpture Walk’s People’s Choice

An Ohio artist’s sculpture of a bear made of steel cutlery won the 2018 Sioux Falls SculptureWalk People’s Choice award.

“Bear Lee, Standing,” created by Ohio artist Gary Hovey, was selected by visitors to the annual public art exhibition of sculptures that line the streets of downtown Sioux Falls after earning the most votes in the 15th annual SculptureWalk balloting.

Standing six feet tall near the corner of 11th Street and Phillips Avenue, the grizzly bear sculpture is crafted out of stainless-steel dinner forks and knives. Standing six feet tall, the unique sculpture captured the most votes in the 15th annual SculptureWalk balloting.

SculptureWalk Director Jim Clark had a hunch Hovey’s piece would capture attention in Sioux Falls.

“That minute in May when I saw Bear Lee, Standing
come off the truck, I knew we had another very special sculpture in a very special year,” he said…

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Come check out these great artists in our gallery through the month of October!

Sean Boettcher

What medium do you use?
Prefer oil, but will play with acrylic or crayon…don’t really have a set style. I always try to do something new.

What inspires you?
Depression kind of helps inspire me to create. The dark places my mind goes gives fuel for making art.

What is art?
Everything can be art. If you’re creating something, you’re an artist.

Terri Brown

What medium do you use?
Mixed Media, Found Art Assemblage

What inspires you?
Oh, my. Running across an item and I know immediately what will become of it in my story telling.
Joseph Cornell.

What is art?
Whatever inspires me!

Mikey Martinez – Comic Book Genie

What medium do you use?
Digitla Art – Program Clip Studio
Fun, broodful, poppy, bitchy, little harsh.

What inspires you?
Smiles, getting sweaty over nerdom/geeking out, skills, “feeling”

What is art?
Art is storytelling, and everything is storytelling. So, everything = art.

[Photos by JAM’s awesome intern, Audry.]