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An Ear to the Ground #30


I can say for certain that art is a hard thing to define. When asked to define art you often betray your inner thoughts and through the act of defining art, you often describe what you find Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #30

An Ear to the Ground #29

[Htet T San – The Frail Second]

I have always been attracted to works of art that defy their medium. Burmese artist, Htet T San, in her latest series The Frail Second depicts a poetic symbiosis of humanity and earth in impressionistic photographs that feel like words whispered in dreams.

[Htet T San – The Frail Second]

A curious scene on Rue de la Biche (Doe Street) in 'Mons Street Review'

Surreal Google Earth: Mons Street Review

Explore the city of Mons where a Belgian theater company performs a play in a digital space created by similar technology to Google Street View. Created by Ludovic Nobileau with his Xtnt theatre group.  Mons Street View is a brilliant adaptation of technology and theater that creates a very surreal and voyeuristic experience.

Weekly Reading : Vilem Flusser – Science Fiction

If you don’t know who Vilem Flusser is, you should. Born in Czech Republic but based in Sao Paulo for most of his life, Flusser was a brilliant writer. He writes philosophical tomes with political and technological influence way ahead of his time. A media theorist would be a better descriptor than philosopher, but I believe he lives in between these two signifies and creates his own genre. Other readings by Flusser that I’d recommend are Cows and his book Into the Universe of Technical Images.

[Mehdi Ghadyanloo – Logic of Metaphysics, 2015]

Amazing Iranian painter, Mehdi Ghadyanloo, just had his first solo show in London at the Howard Griffin Gallery. Mesmerizing paintings that play with space and abstraction inside surrealist landscapes.

[Mehdi Ghadyanloo – Arrested Motion]


An Ear to the Ground #28

 [Robert Whitman – Untitled (shirts and clouds)]

Lines of Sight: Asian American Poetry on the Visual Arts

Asian American Writers Workshop is shining a light on some great writing done by poets and artists on the nature of visual art. Here is a quick sampling.

John Yau from Further Adventures in Monochrome

“I dwell in possibility, Emily Dickinson

I dwell in impossibility, Yves Klein

You should understand that I did not want you to read a painting. I wanted you to bathe in it before words domesticated the experience, and you turned to such stand-bys as “illumination” and “transcendent” to describe what happened to you. Painting should not be sentenced to Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #28

An Ear to the Ground #27

 [Kyle Thompson – Ghost Town, 2014]

Post-Internet Blues: Image Object by Artie Vierkant

This writing by Vierkant makes a lot of implications on the impact of the internet on the art world. Attending Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #27

An Ear to the Ground #26

 [Misato Suzuki – Early Summer Rain]

Believer Mag Interview: Kumail Nanjiani

New interview with one of my favorite standup comedians Kumail Nanjiani. I saw Kumail perform at The Meltdown in 2011 in LA and have been in love ever since. Kumail talks about inspiration, writing and his love of getting Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #26

An Ear to the Ground #25

 [Letha Wilson – Colorado Purple]

Vik Muniz: The Unbearable Likeness of Being

An interesting read for fans of photography, Vik Muniz expands upon the idea of Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #25

An Ear to the Ground #24

WEB Wallace_Redactor II 1.14 72 x 60[Ryan Wallace – Redactor II, 2014]

You Need This: Death of the Author

Roland Barthes wrote this in 1967 on the position of the author in our modern society. A critique of the individual genius our culture likes to attribute to artists and authors. This is a great read on originality and attribution in the arts. This is a history lesson as well as a brilliant way to attack the problem of being a creator in a time of post-modernism and genre-mashing combination culture. A brilliant examination of our ever changing role as an author.

 [Robert Gober – Forrest, 1991/ Untitled, 1991]

The Heart is Not a Metaphor: Robert Gober Retrospective

This show just finished its run at the MOMA in NYC.  An antagonist and an absurdist, Gober’s strange realism and sculptural works take on the a whole new dimension being shown in succession at the MOMA. His arrangements set the tone for his work, often awkward proposals to stretch the viewers anticipation and acknowledgement of the real and absurd. His figures facedown, trapped in the structure of the wall, give a sense of futility and comedy to the everyday.

 [Edgar Saner – Untitled]

An Ear to the Ground #23

[Michael Manning – Wild Fusion ~ vol IV: Technoeconomicology]

All the Glitz and Glamour: E-Flux takes on Shine

The politics of shine and surface is the new focus of Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #23

An Ear to the Ground #22

[Charlie Immer – Melt]

Advice from the Master: Critic and Sage Hal Foster

A great back and forth between notable contributors and Hal Foster from Interview Magazine.

” If it’s not critical, it’s not criticism; it’s just commentary or opinion. That doesn’t mean criticism has to be negative in the sense of pejorative; in fact, it can be affirmative if its negativity is clarifying—explosions clear the air! I don’t write to be pejorative or positive in any case; that never motivates me. What gets me going is to grasp the new thing—an idea, an affect, some mix of the two—that a work expresses but doesn’t articulate. ”     – Hal Foster

Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #22

An Ear to the Ground #21

[Joe Fyfe – Untitled, 2011]

[Joe Fyfe – Soeur Concepta, 2011]

Who Has the Cure: Zombie Formalism

This phrase Zombie Formalism is continually popping up and it sounds derogatory. I have found it in the Jerry Saltz article in Vulture, Zombie on the Walls, it was discussed on a panel hosted by the School of Visual Arts (SVA). Whereas the SVA panel keeps it on the lighter side, Saltz seems to have a distaste for the newly coined movement. Here is an overview of the panel at SVA done by Howard Hurst for Hyperallergic. Continue reading An Ear to the Ground #21