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Studio 301 at the Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center

10AM – 5PM Live Art Making

10:15AM Story time with Hector Curriel in the Children’s Studio

6PM – 9PM Art Reception and Celebration

8PM Live Music with Thomas Hentges of Burlap Wolf King

Studio 301 started off as an idea in 2010 by Justin Schleep and TJ Donovan. Originally called “Take the Day,” this event is a one-of-a-kind experience in Sioux Falls. At this yearly art making event, artists set up studio spaces and create while being watched and interacting with the public. Many artists have stayed committed to the growth and change through the years of the event. It has become a networking event for visitors and artists alike, making it truly an art & community extravaganza.

The Visual Arts Center worked with and listened to local artists while planning this year’s event.  Two artists were contacted to be liaisons for the Visual Arts Center: Jeff Ballard and Michelle St. Vrain. Their job was to curate artists, gather any ideas or concerns, and plan events.

Some of the artists think that one of the greatest things about Studio 301 is its ability to withstand some revitalizing change every year. To keep it fresh and exciting there are slight shifts each year with something new for everyone. This is the first year there will not be a silent auction. The decision was made to make the day entirely about art-making and for the evening reception to be a celebration. That said, the artwork will definitely be on sale if the artist chooses. In addition to the reception there will be a performance by Thomas Hentges of Burlap Wolfking at 8pm.

This event is made possible and free with the help of donors: First National Bank and  Howalt McDowell. It is also made possible with the hard work of the artists and the visitors that interact with them. Everyone is invited to come see how the artists create artwork from 10am to 6pm and there will be a public reception from 6PM to 9PM.

Plus a special story time by local artist Hector Curriel at 10:15AM in the Children’s Studio.

Participating artists: Nik Aberle, Jenny Bye, Alex Hurney, Deborah Mitchell, Mitch Torbert, Agnes Alsgaard Lien, Zach DeBoer, Laura Jewell, Alan Montgomery, Marc Wagner, Timothy J. Arand-McIlrath, Greg DenOtter, Jess Miller-Johnson, Molly O’Connor, Sharon Welch, Jeff Ballard, Susanne Gree, Richard Krueger, Stephen Randall, Jordan Elizabeth Thornton, Jennifer White, Ashton Bird, Rodger Ellingson, David Lethcoe, Angela Behrends, Denton Fast Whirlwind, Cheryl Longseth, Steve Bormes, Erica Merchant, Sharon Wegner-Larson, Bonnie Brahms, Chris Francis, Angela Meyer, Carly Zebell

So many artists are gathered together for this event, that it’d be a shame not to stop by and see what is all involved! I know I’m going to be there to see what people are displaying and creating. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this event until now. I hope to see everyone out! []

JAM-Profile-Signature_AllysonYoutube Video by Jay Kirschenmann

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