Around and About Sioux Falls: Art Collective 7

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Hi! I’m Allyson, a new blogger for JAM. I enjoy writing and I’m hoping to share my adventures in Sioux Falls with people! I’d like to help people become more aware of the local art community. Wandering through artists’ exhibits puts a smile on my face. I admire the hard work and dedication of talented individuals.


August 11, 2014 / 6 PM – 10 PM / Lucky’s Bar / 224 S. Phillips Avenue / Sioux Falls, SD luckys-art-collective-7

The idea for the Art Collective came five years ago to Em Nguyen, a local artist and bartender at Lucky’s. She wanted to bring together local artists to show off their work. I have been to one in the past and it was a memorable event for me because it’s where I purchased my first piece of art. It was a large painting of a squid by Em and it is proudly hung above my piano. This event is fun for everyone because it is so laid back. The casual atmosphere is a great way to meet local artists and see their work. Each artist is in charge of their own area and take home 100% of the money earned. Most choose to display previous work, but you can also see a few people in the middle of a new project. Some of these pieces are raffled off at the end of the night and a handful of lucky recipient go home with a new prized possession. I was the winner of one of Amy Jarding’s #putatoyonit series (seriously, follow her on Instagram @barrrrrry).


If you are an aspiring artist and aren’t quite brave enough to do a solo show: No worries. It is a chill atmosphere for shy types because you don’t have to be the center of attention. There is so much to look at and many other people around you doing the exact same thing. I hesitantly brought in some of my work for the first time and even sold a piece! If you have been to Lucky’s, then you know that there is plenty of room for artists and visitors to wander around. There were around twenty artists in the show. Some artists were experienced and some were brand new to the scene. It was interesting to get to know people who have been doing this for years. It can be a nerve-racking scene if you haven’t done it before. I got to experience that first hand. You realize that you need answers to questions that you might not have thought of before. My first inquiry was “how much?” I had never thought about selling anything before and merely used artistic expression as therapy after a rough day at work. Luckily, other artists were eager to help me figure this out.


If you are interested in becoming involved, email Em Nguyen at The art collective is a recipient of many different types of artwork and crafts. If you are nervous, just jump in and try it out! The most common phrase I heard that night was  “that’s how I got started.” Each person has their own story, and each artist has their own unique way of creating something awesome. The next show is the Art Collective 8 on December 1.

It was a really entertaining night getting to see all of the hard-working artists and I even bought a few things. It was great to run in to people I knew and meeting some people who I did not. These types of events are always eye-opening and enlightening because there are so many people out and about! You will definitely see me at the next one.


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