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Have you ever had something that one moment you had no knowledge of it, and the next you are really excited about it? This is what happened to me, since I hadn’t heard of the ReStorAtion Art Auction before. Don’t feel too bad if you haven’t either; it’s only on its second year. Niki Schillerstrom, Community Relations Director for Habitat for Humanity, gave me all of the details so I can let everyone know about this really awesome event.


The first ReStorAtion Art Auction was held April of this year, near Earth Day, to serve as a reminder about upcycling and repurposing. Their main goal is to raise awareness about the need for affordable housing for families in our community, with education being an important component of the event. This is a fundraiser to benefit the ReStore.

This year they are hosting a very special “Artists’ Shopping Day” on Wednesday, November 19, at the ReStore. Local artists are invited to select items at no charge, that they will then upcycle into works of art. You can expect to meet other local artists, shop together, and let ideas inspire and grow. The ReStore is open 9AM-6PM Monday-Friday, and 9AM-3PM on Saturday. Please ask for Niki if you are shopping for the event. She works 9:30AM-3PM, Monday-Thursday.

Pieces are sold at a live and silent auction. There’s a live band, yummy desserts and a cash bar. It will be held at Icon Event Hall + Lounge on Saturday, April 18th at 7PM. The artists are not required to pay a fee to submit works. Last April, they raised $7,000 and sold 44 of the 46 pieces at the very first auction! Tickets to attend are free, and will be available on their website closer to the time of the event.

The deadline for submissions is March 2nd, 2015 and the deadline to submit the Call for Artists is January 5th, 2015.

 Here is a link to the album of pictures taken the night of the previous event. Here is a link to the submissions from April 2014.

I hope to see people out on Wednesday! I’ll be browsing after work to check it out. It sounds like an awesome event for a great purpose, and a great way to help Sioux Falls become an even better place to live! []


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