An Ear to the Ground #7

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Nature of Things: Who knew birds were artists too?

[Photo – Mike Copeland/Getty]

Art of Attention: Brands as Living Things

A great article by Agatha Wara at Dis Magazine. This article is something you should pay attention to because it’s an interesting look at what a brand wants and how that relates to the working artist.

“Brands share the same evolutionary goals as organisms, that is, to succeed. Success means a standing-out in competition above other species (brand-species) in order to guarantee continuance over time. For brands, this is achieved through attraction, an intelligent sorting of sophisticated semiotic coding that responds to social, economic, and political environments in order to evoke human interest. “


Ghost in the Machine: Ghost Blood?

Ted Lawson creates self portraits with his own blood, injecting his blood directly from his body into the machine that is creating the portrait. I imagine the smell of blood and metal has to give these portraits an intense atmosphere. Whether or not this falls into complete gimmick territory the idea is interesting and we’ll hopefully see him realize something moving after this project matures.

In addition: Author’s note

The school year has just begun and my brain is about to explode from over stimulation. I am taking what appears to be a brilliant seminar on Public Memory this semester and I will try and push articles from my arts education towards all of you. Public memory is an important topic to understand (which I probably don’t), it encapsulates a wide array of things from popular culture to tragedy, things that tend to shape our communities. As a native Sioux Fallsian, a lot of what shaped my view of Sioux falls was the local music scene and the people that struck out on there own to create the community they wanted to be a part of. I miss my hometown and the tenacity of its tenants. I am glad that I am still welcomed to contribute even in a small way to the culture of our area. These next posts might be somewhat smaller for the rest of the school semester but I will try to add things that have shaped my education and hopefully add some diversity and distraction to the art scene of Sioux Falls.

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Eli Show []

Eli Show is an artist/musician and a current grad student at Syracuse University studying the fine arts. Overly enthusiastic about consuming all forms of media and culture, Eli searches for ‘der perfekt taco’ and a way to cure what ails the aimless.


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