An Ear to the Ground #21

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[Joe Fyfe – Untitled, 2011]

[Joe Fyfe – Soeur Concepta, 2011]

Who Has the Cure: Zombie Formalism

This phrase Zombie Formalism is continually popping up and it sounds derogatory. I have found it in the Jerry Saltz article in Vulture, Zombie on the Walls, it was discussed on a panel hosted by the School of Visual Arts (SVA). Whereas the SVA panel keeps it on the lighter side, Saltz seems to have a distaste for the newly coined movement. Here is an overview of the panel at SVA done by Howard Hurst for Hyperallergic.

I enjoy Abstract Expressionism and to coin its current recursion as art made by a back-from-the-dead brainless mob is harsh, but also exciting. Saltz is worried about the dilution of the genre, where one might also rejoice in seeing it be devoured. Maybe Zombie Abstraction or Zombie Formalism  is about doing the past better, not being tied to manifestos or Greenbergian logic. This also becomes an interesting conversation in our area of SD considering the group of great abstractionists that hail from the Sioux Falls area.[TJ Donovan – 11]

Dave Hickey: Enter the Dragon

Essay on the politics of beauty especially throughout the 90’s, as well as a conversation about efficacy and aesthetics.

I read an interesting book a while back, Alain de Botton’s Architecture of Happiness, an examination of the power of aesthetics and how much you are influenced by your surroundings. Looking at a higher function of aesthetics by putting emphasis on nonverbal communication is a more interesting route when discussing abstraction. Radiolab as well has a great episode somewhere near this idea. Translation, which is about finding a deeper understanding of language and the spaces in between.[Pierre Buraglio –   Gauloises, 1978]

SHARON HORVATH Paintings 2014 [Sharon Horvath – Untitled]

The New Casualists: Abstract Painting
Here is yet another article speaking on the constant repetition of our favorite form of expression coupled with a celebration of a few forward thinkers from the new generation of abstractionists. Can Zombie Abstraction climb its way out of the grave?
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