An Ear to the Ground

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Art about the Internet: A brilliant interview of Hito Steyerl

from Dis Magazine –  Hito Steyerl – Politics of Post-Representation

Hito Steyerl, How Not To Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File (2013)

Hito Steyerl seems to be full of wisdom and inspiration, some of her thoughts appear to be spoken in another language that I must of missed the tapes for. A cultural wizard of spinning attention, she posits advice on what platform we should be standing on to catch the right train to being relevant. Why make art? What am I perpetuating? Hito gives us questions to strive for and a look inside a machine that is becoming more and more complicated. Plus one of the best quotes comes from the interviewer Marvin Jordan: “how do you react to the irony that, in the same year as the unprecedented NSA revelations, “selfie”was deemed word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries?” Insightful and a great read, you have to make it all the way through because it does get a little dense at times.

[image from Dis Magazine]

Bare-knuckle boxing, a fight club, and a hard to understand gypsy:

This story reminds me a lot of Guy Ritchie’s best film Snatch. Its got heart and violence and some great cockney accents. This is a Vice story brought to you by a british Zach Deboer doppelganger. This is more of a video essay than a good read but it’s a great story and I know a lot of us love the idea of bare-knuckle boxing and gypsy fighters.

[image from Vice]

Educate yoself: Clouds and Invisibility

I hate to be an alarmist but I also hate to be ignorant. The way in which we talk about subjects influences the way we feel about them. Advertising 101 will tell you that a well worded phrase can sell ketchup popsicles to a fat man with cholesterol problems in a white dress (or maybe not). Words be power, and salads be satan. This article brings up a lot of interesting points that go beyond its political or environmental implications and gets to how we use language and symbolism, a powerful tool to consider if you’re in the language or symbol business.


Ear to the ground moosic finds:

Bahamas – Stronger than that

Sam Roberts Band – Detroit 67

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