An Ear to the Ground

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[T Wei – Untitled]

New book released for all you illustrators out there from PictoplasmaCharacter Portraits is a collection of works by a giant group of artists and illustrators. Here is  great byline for the book created by its inceptors: “In our postdigital culture, fantasy and imagination take a back seat to the photographic spectacle. As a visual antidote to the current craze for saccharine pet pictures and selfies ad nauseam, international illustrators, graphic designers and artists confront us with a stunning new generation of imaginary character portraits that hold us in the grip of their gaze.”

Also Pictoplasma’s selfie project is yet another way to look at the self centering act of arm length investigation.  “We figured it was about time to counter the current craze of blurry duck faces and underexposed narcissism with some true character.” Pictoplasm’s selfie project is an interesting bend on the trend that is getting typecast into many aspects of art.

[Arys – Morocco Diptych]

On a More World Destroying Notion: Who Made Duchamp’s Urinal?

As an avid worshipper at the altar that is Marcel Duchamp this is definitely a world destroying notion. This article talks about the debate over the authorship of “The Fountain” a work that can be seen as the birth of conceptualism and the catalyst to a massive amount of art investigations and work around the world. This article dives into this notion giving a back story and credentials to a different creator. A female compatriot poet and mystic muse, Baroness Elsa, a colleague of Duchamp at the time. A great read and something that refers to a problem in art and history that echoes an even greater phenomena “He who controls the past controls the future”

[Marcel Duchamp – Bicycle Wheel, 1913]

Personally I find Duchamp’s use of language in his art and his other less monumental ready-mades more interesting. But nonetheless this is a problem and a recurring one inside of art history and society as well.  The manipulation of authorship from a minority to a majority.  It’s a power play that is reprehensible.  This reminds me of an idea posed by a professor of mine who teaches in Rhetorical studies. Can we also use this strategy to create social change, acceptance and exonerate classes and minorities we have wronged. My professor wrote an amazing essay on Abraham Lincoln being gay and how having Lincoln as a gay icon we can begin to repair the damage we have caused and pave a new understanding and welcoming of difference. I am murdering the synopsis of this because it is much more intelligent and nuanced from the author’s perspective.

Queer Abraham Lincoln: A New Past by Charles E. Morris

The title of Charles Morris’ piece is actually Sunder the Children: Abraham Lincoln’s Queer Rhetorical Pedagogy. A brilliant read and very dense with language.

AAAAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnd now something that you shouldn’t be sober for when you watch it (also amazing sober). It is a perfect ending to an immersive experience, so be warned, that if you at all planned on playing this game, that this is going to SPOIL it. I’d recommend just playing through the game and earning this because it’d be worth it. Buuuut if you’re just wanting a mind expanding animation, watch this. Like seriously this should win an award (it did, and several). Watch this in the highest definition and most immersive space you can.

The game is Fez, and im sure its amazing as well. Reminds me a lot of Adventure Time mixed with Sword and Sorcery. []JAM-Profile-Signature_Eli

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