An Ear to the Ground #10

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Time Travels in the Internet-O-Sphere:

As an Artist I am always looking at new trends and new ways to communicate because I see art at its absolute in its intent to communicate. Trends often show you ways to communicate that travel fast and are taken in by the most recipients. Mass culture has a way of spreading ideas fast and it often times has nothing to do with whether the content is good or bad, but how its packaged.

Memes, social media, spam, and email are all ways we collectively exchange information; we often take part in these exchanges more than traditional modes. My posts are fascinated by these modes and I would argue to not scoff at the kitschy side of the internet. Information Theory is a very interesting mathematics theory that often gets used in art and language. Information Theory speaks to the idea that the more convoluted the idea the more the chance for misinformation to be processed or static in the signal.

Let me try to phrase this so we can move on. A simple idea communicates as thus, a clear signal. It is hard to misinterpret. But if we expand the idea, fog rolls in and you lose sight of its true intent. You might see a car, but in fact through the fog it’s a truck; this misinformation could be deadly in some cases (anti-vaccination rhetoric, for example). So my truth that I am trying to share is that sometimes memes can be useful, and sometimes a selfie is informative (lets look past the posturing of the ideal self). -Eli


[Hito Steyerl – How Not To Be Seen]

A brilliant theorist and a very heavy read: Once Again, Hito Steyerl

I would recommend buying The Wretched of the Screen, but if you want to preview it I provided a link. Hito Steyerl is a very astute cultural theorist and Berlin based artist. Her work is concerned with representation, surveillance, and communication. I highly recommend attempting this series of essays that e-flux put out.


[Simon Davidson – LITMUP]

Searching for wisdom in someone else’s misery that might resemble my own: Ask Baba Yaga

Baba Walking Away

Life advice from a poet. Baba Yaga is the poet and writer Taisia Kitaiskaia currently contributing to the Hairpin.

And Now Back to Internet Theory: King of the Hill a meta commentary

[Edward Shenk and Victor Vaughn – King of the Hill]

It is hard to summarize this article, but it is something that sparked a very interesting debate internally for me. It is also rooted in the idea of not overlooking something that seems too simple. This article talks about the fact that King of the Hill could have easily been made as a live action sitcom. This idea plus combining it with fan art, creates an interesting feedback loop of projection and idealization. Living our lives through characters we watch on the screen, fan art tips this system on its head, often putting characters in situations not possible for wide broadcast creating an alternate reality or situation where the character mirrors your own subconscious intricacies. []

Eli Show is an artist/musician and a current grad student at Syracuse University studying the fine arts. Overly enthusiastic about consuming all forms of media and culture, Eli searches for ‘der perfekt taco’ and a way to cure what ails the aimless.

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