Our Values




Lifelong learning



Our Vision

Keeping art and craft supplies out of dark closets and landfills, getting them into the hands and studios of Sioux Falls artists. To inspire Sioux Falls with a creative reuse center: providing a second chance for supplies that can be used for education and the arts.

Our Mission

To get art and craft supplies into the hands of people who will use them, to create an online community for artists, and to be a source of information for the Sioux Falls art scene.

Our Purpose

To inspire Sioux Falls.

To provide a second chance for art making supplies.

To make sure people who can use art supplies can get art supplies (i.e. children, artists, nonprofits, schools, teachers).

To create a community via a Creative Reuse center and the Internet.

To be a source of information for the Sioux Falls visual art scene.

JAM Art & Supplies fosters community through an online presence with First Friday Reviews and Inspired Interviews.


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  1. I have several oil paintings my mother did. I want to know if they can be painted over and the canvas reused. I would be happy to donate them if they can be reused.

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