A New Sioux Falls Zine: The Local Artist

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Mitch Torbert, Jeff Ballard, and Hunter Murphy are happy to share with you their mission of printing a professional zine showcasing South Dakota artists. “The Local Artist” will be printed twice yearly, plus a yearly book, and distributed state-wide. South Dakota artists must apply to be considered. The mission of this exciting project is to “exist to support South Dakotan culture by exposing local, visual artists to the public in two free print publications annually, and fostering development of emerging artists.”


To be considered for “The Local Artist” email Jeff with 3-5 images (shortest dimension 1000px, include title, dimensions, medium, & year), an Artist Statement, your website URL, your mailing address, and email address. I hope you all send off your applications; they’re due October 12, 2014 at midnight with the first publication printed in April 2015. 

JAM: What inspired you guys to start The Local Artist?

THE LOCAL ARTIST: We started The Local Artist through our experience of knowing so many very talented artists out there, and unfortunately knowing that people are still filling their walls with stock art from department stores (etc). We’d like to bridge the gap between this great local artwork and the general community.

Your mission says “to foster development of emerging artists.” In which ways will you foster development besides the publication?

While The Local Artist won’t just highlight “emerging artists” – they are a big focus for us. Over time, we’ll be increasing the amount of online guides to teach local artists how to develop their Artist Statements, CV’s, Résumés and even photographing/editing skills. The submission process requires these elements, so it encourages them to stay up-to-date with their literature. Furthermore, if a submission is not accepted by our jury, we’re taking notes on why. We’re not sending stock rejection letters, but detailed suggestions on how to improve their work or submission. Not all artists have the luxury of classes or regular critiques, so it’s important that we capitalize on these opportunitMonogram-04ies for input.

How many artists will you pick each time?

When our Jury meets in early November, we’ll choose artists for the entire following year. There will be five in each zine–so ten, total. Presently we’re collecting submissions for 2015, and we need a group that includes students and well-developed artists alike. Email Jeff@TheLocalArtist.org, or Mitch@TheLocalArtist.org with your submission or questions!

Here’s a link to the submission requirements: Submission Request w-Description

Now, get out of here and start your application.[]

Jess Miller-Johnson is a weekly blogging contributor and co-founder of JAM. She lives in Sioux Falls with her daughter, husband, and black-lab. She makes art when her daughter is napping. 

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