5 Ways to Support JAM Art and Supplies

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The JAM Creative Reuse Store would not be happening if it wasn’t for you. Over the past few months, we’ve met some incredible artists and creatives in the art community – you know who you are. We’ve loved collaborating with you and meeting you, hearing your stories and needs. Plus, we love showing you off. We wouldn’t be where we are today, having the confidence to open a physical location if we didn’t have your support. For that we are forever grateful.

While the art community we’ve been infiltrating has fairly good idea of what JAM is all about  (although we’ve barely scratched the surface), there are still so many Sioux Falls-ians that haven’t heard about us.  We still need your support in spreading the word about our mission so below are five ways YOU can help JAM Art and Supplies.

1. Hashtag your art-making, art-viewing, art-supporting shenanigans with #siouxfallsartists. We want to bring the art community together socially to connect and support each other through this hashtag. Gallery visits, photos, critique requests – hashtag it and start connecting with the awesome Sioux Falls art community.

2. Tweet, like, share and do all those other electronically “social” things. Spread the word about our cause. Share the interviews that you find inspiring. Invite friends and family to events. Every one of these means the world to us.

3. Donate your art supplies. Clean out your closets and donate the things you aren’t using anymore. We take lots of things – see the list here. Someone else would love to use them.

4. Attend our events. We are now hosting classes and workshops. Create a handmade gift for someone special. Spend some time with family or friends being crafty. Learn some DIY tricks.

5. Tell us how we’re doing. Comment, email, tweet and post – let’s chat. What would you like to see or hear more of? Who do you find inspiring? What artists and galleries should we feature? Are you a teacher or nonprofit who needs supplies? Let us know. We are always open to honest, constructional feedback.[]


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One thought on “5 Ways to Support JAM Art and Supplies”

  1. JAM art supplies brings creativity to people that do not have the opportunity to buy the supplies need for their creative endevors. All of Jam’s supporters also help teach customers the ways to bring out their creative abilities, at little to no cost.
    Thank you Jam art supplies for giving the creative opportunities to blossoming artist, and to those who yearn to create beautiful things.

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