5 Possible Reasons You Would Shop at JAM

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The JAM Creative Reuse Store is a store similar to a thrift or pawn shop where you bring your unused, like-new art supplies to the store to donate and we re-sell them at a low cost. We are a nonprofit for artists, but we’re also helping Sioux Falls become a little more “green.” Plus we help other nonprofits by donating art supplies to their endeavors. We can only survive with your help so please bring your donations to us, or let us know how we can help you find the supplies you need. See a list of items you can donate here.

To give you an idea of WHY you would shop at JAM, I’ve listed a few common reasons creative reuse stores are popular in other big cities around the country:

1. You only need one pink permanent marker. Or a few strands of different types of ribbon. Or you can’t find the perfect button you need to finish that perfect project. Rather than buy a whole pack of markers, ribbons, or buttons, shop at JAM for your artistic one-offs.

2. You are a teacher. JAM is perfect for gathering a few standard art supplies for the whole class to use. Get crayons and scissors at JAM and save money. We know you use your own dollars for the sake of your class, so let us help you gather supplies for your classroom and for projects.

3. You enjoy thrifting. And DIY projects. Explore our art-making odds and ends to find unique, low-cost pieces to keep your creative spirit (and projects) motivated and moving.

4. Not scrapbooking anymore? Took up knitting as a hobby instead? Donate your old scrapbooking materials and tools and pick up knitting materials at JAM. Trade one crafting hobby for another. Clean out your closet, donate them and give new life to the forgotten supplies.

5. You like to shop local and you like to support good causes. And you believe in the Sioux Falls art scene. All of these make perfect reasons as to why you would shop at JAM. Your purchase keeps the JAM store in business. It also allows us to interview artists through our Inspired Interviews, and create a centralized source of art events and news for you![]



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