2nd Annual Terrain Biennial in Sioux Falls this weekend

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Are you ready to be intrigued? Because I sure as hell was earlier this month when I got a call from TJ Donovan.  A Sioux Falls native, TJ is the curator for the Sioux Falls segment of the 2nd Annual Terrain Biennial, which is an international exhibition of site specific art made for front yards, balconies and porches. The Biennial is supported by a 2014 Propeller Fund Grant, the Guggenheim Foundation and a community supported Hatchfund Campaign.

image taken from Daviel's website
image taken from davielshy.com

As curator, TJ sought out Chicago-based writer and filmmaker Daviel Shy. On why he chose Daviel:

“Daviel is a rigorous academic and fearless explorer of identity and the inevitable politics that accompany an identity such as her own, as well as all other marginalized identities (think of this term in as broad, yet realistic terms as possible). My goal with this curatorial endeavor is to breathe a breath of reciprocal strength, ferocity and permission into the suppressed, repressed and oppressed (think of these terms in as broad, yet realistic terms as possible as well) voices of our community, and by collaborating with various progressive institutions within our community, create new communicative networks that might not otherwise exist.” 

poetry created for Terrain Biennial
poetry created for the Terrain Biennial

If that hasn’t piqued your interest, perhaps her bio will.

“I am a writer and filmmaker dedicated to ideas of choice in community. My monthly screening series, LMNOP is a semi-private event in a home space because I believe this type of exclusivity challenges the notion that marginalized groups need to “take what they can get” in terms of exposure, community and visibility. I believe in abundance and choice for lesbians, women, transfolk, people of color and other oppressed communities and my films and writings act to further this viewpoint. I am currently completing my first feature film, The Ladies Almanack, a multi-generational international tribute to women’s writing. I have taught writing at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and I look forward to learning from and exchanging with the individuals in the workshop in a unique and intimate setting.”

Five Modes (excerpt)
Five Modes (excerpt)

During her stay, Daviel will be hosting three different sessions, all of which are FREE and open to the public (EVERYONE!). Sioux Falls, my precious dears, I know this may sound intimidating, because we rarely are afforded such opportunities, but I hope you take advantage and partake in any or all of sessions. Please see below for a detailed list for this weekend.

7-10pm @ The Bakery, 910 N. Main Ave, Sioux Falls, SD

L.M.N.O.P:Lesbian Movie Night Ongoing Project, Sioux Falls Special Edition (facilitated by The Center for Equality-Sioux Falls) will include a a meet and greet with Daviel, a brief intro to her practice and a program of short films from past LMNOP evenings. Free and open to the public. BYOB!!

1-4:30pm@ Rotary-Norlin Park, Sioux Falls, SD (use entrance at 26th and Southeastern)

BLUE: What I Know About South Dakota, is an outdoor writing-intensive meant for writers and non-writers alike. Participants will create original works from prompts and exercises responding to their surroundings and according to the structures and directives provided. Shy’s chapbooks will be made available for free to all workshop participants to keep. Free and open to the public, but space is limited, so email tdonovan@hpa.edu to register…however, stragglers will be welcomed with open arms. BYOB!!

1-3pm@ Exposure Gallery, 401 N. Phillips Ave. Sioux Falls, SD

Saturday’s workshop participants will read a selection of writings produced during Saturday’s workshop and Shy’s chapbooks will be available for purchase. A light reception will follow.



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